"I asume this seat is free?" Konosuke does not wait for an answer and sits down before Mikage. "Hmmm." He gives the girl an inspecting look. "Yep!" He suddenly says. "That's how it'll be!" It would appear that the youth is talking to himself, or perhaps his own angel, which he is holding so closely to his chest. He takes out what looks like a standard visor used in most duels, only this one was slightly modified to have beautiful red feathers stuck to them instead of wings and the helmet itself was blazing red with black thin-lined tribals in the form of flames. He then bows his head a small bit, towards Mikage. "It'll be my honor to fight you, Aogiri-senpai."

At first, Mikage seems a little bit confused. More than likely it is Konosuke coming up, talking to himself. Still, she really has no qualms about it. Some people who played Angelic Layer were just -weird-. "Feel free." She answers, even if no answer is really needed. The girl lifts her own black headset onto her head and adjusts it, extending the transmitters as she looks across towards the boy. "And it will be a pleasure to fight you, Aoshita-kun." Since this boy seemed to want to get right in to things, she doesn't really give him much time to wait and get himself organized, instead she goes strait into her fallin.

Then, taking a deep breath, the girl holds her angel out on her forearm. "Spirits of wind and water, soul of the binding storm, will of the earth, heart of my heart. Be my wings... Rei! Fallin!" She draws her arm back and then snaps it quickly, sending the small angel tumbling towards the layer. It takes barely a split second before the angel passes through that invisible barrier, flaring to life. Her eyes flash white for a moment as her wings flare out, catching the air beneath her as the bat-like appendages force her upwards. Two sweeps of those great wings bring her to a soft landing as her talons click on one of the metal spokes of the great wheel. Slowly, her wings fold back onto her shoulders, caping there as she flexes her legs, tail twitching. It seems almost as if she were checking the status of each system one by one. Then, her eyes pale back into their greenish tone, looking across the layer and giving a small growl of challenge.

Konosuke holds what looks like a dead bird into his hand and raises it up into the air. He was not about wait either. "Ashes to ashes..." He begins, his voice somewhat booming through the room. He then pushes Fou somewhat near the layer, just barely allowing it to touch the pillar of light. "Dust to dust, break free from the mortal coil!" He then moves his hand back for a sort second and then throws his angel forwards like a dart. "Fou-sama! Fallin!"

When the angel finally touches the light completely, the sound of something ablaze suddenly appears! An aura seemed to start leaking from Fou's eyes, falling over its body like a waterfall, reaching out to the fanned out tail, and then falling down towards the ground, splashing like water, sipping on the flooring and a patch of fire... as if oil had fallen onto the ground and then was set on fire!

Well, a flaming hamster wheel certainly looks like some sort of spinning death trap to Rei. She glances over her shoulder at Mikage, as if searching for some sort of way out of this particular layer. The girl, however, just shrugs her shoulders and looks up towards the timer, it's buzz announcing the start of the match. Frowning, Rei glances across at the flaming angel, ears twitching slightly and nose wrinkling at the smell that comes off of him. Something like oil and burnt feathers. In either case, she makes for her first attack of the match by closing the distance between herself and Fou. As she runs, the wheel begins to spin, bringing him closer to her. At the last moment, she jabs an arm out, aiming it towards his chest. A long blade extends from her arm, glinting in the light of the layer, and slashes in a wide arc, hoping to catch him unawares.

The angel tries to catch the attack dead in its tracks by lower its head quickly and blocking it with its strong beak. The attack dents the piece of beak it hits, but does not pierce it. The angel turns its eye to look directly at Rei. Its wings keep it up in the air, it had no need to keep moving, as it was able to stay in the air as long as it kept beating its wings. "Do it, Fou! While she is closeby!" The angel quickly opens the beat and reveils what looks like a huge ball of fire which immediately shoots out of it. It however does not immediately blast towards Rei, instead it moves around the Hamsterwheel, recoiling from the roundgoing floor until finally at some random point it darts straight for the gargess. "Yush!" Konosuke raises a hand, hoping that the attack would hit.

It is still early for a hard attack to hit agains Rei, and even though it takes quite a bit out of her to dodge this particular one, she manages to get out of the way by backflipping, grabbing on to the main spoke of the wheel, and ending up hanging upside down slightly as the wheel comes back around. However, with the distance between herself and Fou, there isn't any way for her to retaliate.

"Don't give her any time to recover, Fou!" Konosuke seems to be disappointed as his angel misses Rei and quickly sends his angel after the quick on her feet gargess. "Lets show that we are worth it." Whatever 'it' was, wasn't very clear. But surely 'it' was good enough of a reason to have this boy be as spirited as he is right now. On the layer, Fou darts towards the sky and grabs hold of a spoke and then drops himself, causing the wheel to go on a mad spinning-streak!
And there is little time to recover, as Rei takes gets spun around the wheel. When it finally comes to a stop, she wobbles right, wobbles left, and then nearly topples over. Her face turns slightly green, and she holds a hand infront of her mouth for a moment while giving a glare to the flaming angel. It's almost a threat that she'll vomit on him if she has to. What does angel vomit look like anyways? In either case, Rei isn't about to let this go unpunished, no-sir. She reaches down and pulls up one of the spokes of the wheel, using it like a baseball bat, she swats it in the air and tries to strike at the flier. Come here little bug, time to get swatted.

And round the wheel goes again! The angel flies up quickly again, since it was not about to get hit with a spoke and hung its talons on the most upper spoke again. For a moment the bird looks at Rei, giving it a most nasty smile before doing the 'ORLY' look and dropping itself again! Taking the spoke and the entire wheel with it spinning, and at the last moment spreading his wings to make sure that he was not about to be taken along for 'a spin' this time.
And around and around and around and around and a... There is a blur as Rei gets swept up around the hamster wheel once more, holding on for dear life. She raises her wings to slow things down, but when she gets up, it's clear that she's not feeling all that well. Rei wobbles once, and then raises a hand towards Fou as if saying 'I warned you'. It seems almost as if she tries to focus her wind powers, but what ends up coming out is a whirling vortex of something not quite as nice as wind. The angel lurches, and out spews what appears to be a mixture of green with little orange chunks. "Carrots, why is it always carrots?" Mikage asks outloud, looking a bit perplexed. But, poor Fou. No one needs to look strait into the eye of a vomit hurricane.

Incoming angel-vomit! The angel lands on the ground and gives a perplexed look for a moment, turning towards Konosuke for a moment before its eyes widen. Its flame had dimmed a bit and the angel suddenly raises one wing and uses two of the big feathers to poke at its head... 'is my hair out?' It was that kind of look, waiting for a moment and setting its head back ablaze once more! It looks blue for a moment before settling to the standard red color once more. Konosuke just chuckles and shakes his head, most amused by this.
Well, with her stomach dutifully emptied, Rei seems to regain some of her composure. She crawls out from between the spokes of the wheel and clings to the side like... well like a gargoyle. She clambers up along the outside, trying to get herself up to the same height as the flaming bird. Mmm, flaming bird, bbq chicken? Rei leaps off of the wheel, keeping her wings tight to her as she spins and lashes her tail out towards the angel, trying to drive him down onto the ground once more where he might be a little bit more easy to handle.

The angel quickly makes its way away from Rei, and doesn't notice that he is just too big to leave the hamsterwheel. So seconds later, after having ran away from Rei's jumping attack, it finds its head smashing into two spokes and sticking out the otherside. "Oye..." Konosuke slaps his face quite hard and shakes his head. "Baka..." He comments and lets out a groan.

Well, with Fou having struck himself against the wheel, Rei takes the moment to her advantage. She rears back and lays herself flat against the spinning wheel, letting herself be drawn upwards until she has a clear shot at the phoenix. She growls at first, and then roars as wind begins to swirl around her. This time there is no puke mixed in. The wind condenses between her hands, and forms into blades of wind. With two wild lsahes of her arms, she sends these blades swirling up, down, left, right, along every possible course of the layer. They sweep in, intent on catching Fou between them.

The attacks hit! Snapping at its bum, the blades of wind create a silly look on the burning angel, which finally gets itself loose after these attacks, as the spokes it was stuck on break off. The angel tries to grab onto anything for dear life and with the direction its falling it, that 'thing' might just become Rei!
Rei is far too quick to get fallen on. She flattens herself to the outside of the wheel and watches as the phoenix falls. This isn't as easy as it sounds, however, as she has to duck a few times to avoid flailing limbs. At the last moment, the turning of the wheel brings her right underneath the angel. She ducks, and a moment later, she is whisked away by a ghostly form of Kamui. When she opens her eyes again, Rei is ontop of the central part of the wheel, safe from harm for the moment. She gives a little hiss, and then looks down towards Fou, leaping off of the central beam as her companion dissipates, and trying to dive downward and jab her foot into his chest.

"What the?" Konosuke quickly looks about for a certain man in business suit, and sees that said man is quite busy talking to an attendant. "How..." He whispers to himself before realizing the answer. The same reason he was able to summon those fires on Fou of course. "I see... so that's how it is." He smirks for a moment. "That's why you are the 'Layer Goddess'." A name cued by Kino at some point. "I see." He repeats himself and turns his attention back to the layer, where at that very moment, Fou raises a wing to protect itself from impact and retaliates with a quick but most violent series of peckings of its beak.

"The power of the heart is what drives the layer." Mikage explains as she watches the layer with those strange blue eyes of hers. There was some rumor that she was nearly blind, but when she is able to figure out attacks before they even come, people start to doubt such things. Rei seems to know that Fou will try to make himself top in the pecking order, so she leaps backwards, using her speed to avoid the attack as she takes another moment to consider plans. Afterall, there is still much of the battle left, and she had used many of her better abilities to stop this angel's powerful strikes.

It would appear the battle would be dragged on longer than Konosuke had forseen earlier. And he knew what potential there was still to come out of Rei. "Come on Fou... we need a plan this time." He was unaware that his constant strikes were the best strategy he was going to get at this point in the match, but he was unable to see that which was so clearly in front of his eyes. "Hmm." He brings a hand to his chin while FOu slowly gets up completely and begins taking flight once more.

Rei seems content to keep herself at a bit of a distance, not drawing in close to Fou in fear of his powerful attacks. So, staying at this distance, she draws her arms back, focusing energy once more. This time it is not wind that she harnesses, but the mist from below. Slowly, the water is frozen into huge icicles which circle around her hands. With a sweep of one arm, these sharp peices of ice rip across the layer, making huge gouges in the metal of the wheel and making their way towards the 'planning' Fou.

"Fou!" The angel raises itself and begins flapping its wings like a madman. Something that had once worked against Keiichi! Throwing back a car, and this time icicles! He was able to throw some of the icicles back, but some of them still ended up pelting against its chest and head! The bird lets out a most painful of shrieks as this occurs and begins flapping its wings even harder, in the hope of creating enough of a windspeed to smack Rei and some of those icicles back against the other side of the hamsterwheel.

Even though the icicles are shot back at her, they only do a little bit of damage against her armored hide. Rei snarls a little bit, plucking one from her metal pauldron and crushing it in her hand. Even with this turn of events, it seems as if her best tactic was keeping at a distance and throwing energy techniques, at least for the moment. So, she summons up one of the last of her remaining energy techniques, save for her signature - storm. More mist is drawn around her, pulled in to a wide, arcing wave of water that flows around her. With one movement of her arm, this water lashes out like a tsunami and makes it's way towards the fire angel, hoping to partially extinguish his flame.

It hits.. the waves collide against Konosuke's angel, who is left to its on devices. How it survived was the best question to ask, as the lifepoints had dropped like a madman. As the waves finally subside, Fou is barely flying, looking tired. Steam is eminating from it and it does not even seem to bother to relight the fire... on his head. All it does is open its beak, from which a quick but small ball of fire suddenly darts straight at Rei. "Heh... guess you found his major weakness eh? Water." Until now, nobody had actually though about using water against Fou. Not even on a beach or ocean scenery. So in some ways, he had been most lucky until now.

As the fire sweeps towards Rei, she raises her pauldron up, shielding herself from the damage. The metal gains a nice red glow, but that seems to be the only effect of it. "Rei is a master of storm elements, so water comes quite naturally to her." Miki explains as she nods her head to Rei. The gargoyle starts to run on the layer, getting it up to speed. As she comes around close to the newly re-lit Fou, her arm comes out like a lariat, trying to catch him across the neck.

"Aww, but I guess this was to be expected." Konosuke's eyes suddenly show a strange glint as he watches his angel get hit by Rei's arm and goes down into the abyss of the layer's scenery. The layer dies and the lights go out. "But.." He stands up and unplugs and takes off his visor and sets it to his side. "I learned a lot." He smiles at Rei and bows to her. "Thank you, Goddessu-senpai." With a littlebit of engrish, Konosuke gives Mikage his regards and takes hold of Fou, taking it to his chest. "Hmm." He quickly checks it. "Need to repair him." He states before wandering off towards the repair machine.

"Err, you're welcome." Mikage says with a bit of a confused sound to her voice. She bows her head politely to Konosuke, and then reaches forward to pick Rei off of the layer. She watches him for a time, and then relinquishes the layer to another set of duelists ready for their own match. There isn't much time to spare for small talk, but perhaps she'd come visit him at one of the Angelic Layer club meetings for a word later.