The day of the tournament was finally here and the Piffle Princess was packed to overflowing and then some. People from here, there, and everywhere around the Tokyo area and even a little of the surrounding area are trying to see what's going on at this tournament. The first fights were just getting underway and the people were loving it. As the attendants called out names of people for the different battles others sat and waited their turns to shine. "...haku Tsunade and Torihash..." is heard coming from one of the layers as the Deus are called for yet another battle.

One little girl is trying her hardest not to get trampled by the crowd, while still keeping close enough to hear if her name happens to be called. This little girl normally wouldn't have stood out at all if it wasn't for her white hair, that was Mitsunaka Hama. Her bag is in her lap, keeping the angel she's already removed hidden from view by all but those standing closest to her, most of which are to busy watching the matches going on to pay any attention to anyone else around them. And so she waits, watches, and listens. Eagerly awaiting her turn to get up and show what she's able to do with her angel.

"...Mitsunaka Hama and Akaki Miina, your match will begin on Layer Six in two minutes. Please come to Layer Six." Akaki Miina, dressed in a simple red t-shirt and jeans, lets out a soft little gasp as she hears her name called. Her rabbit-eared angel in her hands, she jumps up from her chair and darts as quickly as she can, dodging around people in the crowd, until she reaches the right layer and approaches the attendant. "I'm Akaka Miina," she breathes, holding out her registration card. Mitsunaka Hama...seems familiar...but who was it? Where had she heard that name before?

Hearing the attendant call out her name she stands and starts pushing her way through the crowd to get over to her layer. It takes her nearly the full two minutes to get over there and push her way out in to the open area around the layer. "I'm here," she calls out, holding out her card for the attendant to see. The woman takes a look at it and nods, "Since you both are here please take your seats and get ready." She turns to face the the crowd, "Deus Akaki Miina and her angel Chibi Usagi-Tan versus Deus Mitsunaka Hama and her angel Hogosha. Let's have a good fight." And with that she steps out of the way, leaving the two girls to their match.

Miina grins over at the other little girl, recognizing her as the one from the park. "Oh, it's you! Well, we better get to it, but we'll talk afterwards, okay? Good luck, Hama-chan!" she calls, then giggles as she quickly takes her seat in the oddly shaped chair. Not wasting any time, she pulls the visor on and flips the wings up with the button, holding her angel out then. "Alright, Chibi Usagi-tan!" she calls, throwing the angel high onto the layer. "Let's fight!" The rabbit angel flips twice in the air as it descends, landing in a crouch with one furred hand on the layer surface and the other holding her massive carrot over her shoulder..

The fact that the her first opponent is someone that she knows surprises Hama for a moment, but she shakes her head and clears it before smiling a little. "Hi there, Miina-chan." She keeps the fact that she had completely forgot the other girl's name to herself and makes a note of it for later memory. She nods and hops in one of the chairs, letting her backpack fall to the side as she settles the visor in place. She tosses Hogosha into the layer "Protect, Hogosha." The large angel lands with a thud and the attendant presses a button to change the scenery for the match.

The layer shifts and raises on the back of a turtle, the previously white disc being covered by grass; mountains; fields; and any other matter of scenery you can think of, while a ring of white fire bursts up from around the edges.

Miina blinks a few times when she sees the giant turtle, then giggles at the odd juxtaposition of the angels. They seem so huge...but they're really so little. This will make it even more fun! "Alright, Hama-chan! Here we come!" Almost as soon as the words are out there, Usagi goes bounding across the miniature world, leaping over the little mountains and lakes. Once close enough to the giant stone angel, she swings her weapon at it from the side, testing to see if it really is as hard as it looks.

Hama doesn't have time to respond before she's under attack from the other girl's lapine like angel. Hogosha starts up a spin as soon as the girl gets close, but the shape of that weapon she uses causes a little more damage then was anticipated, but it does prove how hard the angel actually is. One of the large gargoyle like angel's arms flash out of he spin as it spins to swipe at the other angel. While close range is normally better for Hogosha, it does like being a little more aware of attacks then it was for that one.
On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan takes a rather glancing blow from the flailing arm, but it doesn't seem to do much more than her own attack had done. Well, it's definitely solid, but certain not impenetrable. Probably rather slow to dodge, too. Alright, then, one more go! With a little more oompf behind it this time! The swing of the carrot comes again, aiming a little higher to where the stone things ribs would be on a normal angel.

The stone beast's arms flail out and let the hammer reach it's mark, but in return for the hit they retaliate on Usagi with a hit of their own. This doesn't cause the angel much in the way of damage as it stiffened up more before strike hit, but it can't say much for the rabbit. The arms flash out yet again, not content with just one good hit on the other angel. It's face was a grin and the arms reaching out to grasp at the smaller angel.

On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan had not been expecting quite that reaction from the stone thing, and winds up getting knocked hard to the ground. As the long arm reaches down for her, she manages to roll clear of it, flattening a few more of the tiny trees beneath her in the process. Once out of the way, she makes a few rapid little hops back across the disc and over a mountain range, taking a moment to consider her options.

The gargoyle looks slightly disappointed when the other angel backs away, but it just crosses it's arms back where they were before and watches... at least we assume it watches since the eyes are kind of sewn shut. Stones are good at just sitting there, and this one is no exception to that fact. The deus on the other hand doesn't seem to be quite as patient as the stone gargoyle she controls. Somehow this makes sense while also not making sense.

She stares across the little mountain range at Hogosha. Her little tail twitches as she continues to think, and she almost on the verge of figuring out just how to twitch her nose like rabbits do, too. Miina herself appears to be thinking just as hard as her angel, her little brow furrowed in concentration as she plans.

As the rabbit thinks so does the gargoyle. But while the rabbit is thinking of a way to get through armor of stone, the gargoyle is thinking of the best way to pin the rabbit down long enough to wail on it. Neither one seems to be making very much progress right now, so they continue thinking and this match turns into little more then a staring match between the angels why they work on the best way to fight the other.

On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan decides that's quite enough waiting. The only way she's going to be able to pull this off is by hitting fast and hitting hard. She jumps back over the mountains again, yanking the carrot out of the ground as she goes. When she's nearly in range, the rabbit leaps up again to try and throw a kick at the stone angel's chest, but twists just before connecting and thrusts the point of her weapon at his gut instead.

Normally a tactic like that would have been extremely effective, but the stone gargoyle and it's deus have been watching for a while as well now. So they started preparing to block normally, but the little twitch clued them in to where the attack was really aimed for and blocked accordingly. It then struck the other angel back since it was once again close by, arm once again whipping out to strike at the smaller carrot holding rabbit angel.

On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan catches the blow with her shoulder, but moves with it and pulls an abrupt sideways rolling maneuver. While this does reduce the damage for her, it also sends her carrot flying out of her hands and across the layer. Rather than attacking again without it, the rabbit scampers across the land to retrieve her weapon, ears bouncing and flopping as she goes.

Hogosha doesn't really like that the other angel is running away from it again, so it decides to try and get it to come back in the only way it knows how, by attacking. The arms unwrap from around it's body and fly out, proving them to be a lot longer then they actually appear to be. They don't have a specific target in mind on the rabbit, just slap in the general direction and see if it will come back and play more.

The tiny little angel is sent rolling once again, but this time manages to keep her grip on the carrot-weapon. She comes bounding back across the layer, holding the thing by its stalk in both hands and swinging hard at the thing's side.

Hogosha takes the hit square in the side and barely moves it all, the fact that she managed to move him at all is saying how strong the angel is. This amuses it immensely and thinks for just a moment before sending out another attack with both of it's arms. They snake around to attack the angel from multiple sides and restrict possible escapes roots as much as it possibly can.

On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan doesn't try to dodge to either side. Instead, the rabbit flattens herself on the ground, scampering back out of the way in a crawl beneath the arms. Once clear of them again, she ups and runs, leaping over that same mountain range and ducking down behind it. It doesn't hit hard...not really...but Usagi can't take that hard of a beating, so it doesn't need to. She'll just hang out back here for the moment...and try to find an opening.

Once again the opponent is trying to get away and Hogosha doesn't like that. It's kinda stuck where it is unless something happens to move it, and if the other angel isn't within range it can't do much. But once the foe ducks behind the mountain things change a little bit. It's not about to sit here, so one tactic that isn't often used gets put into play here. The beast places both it's hands flat on the ground in front of it and stiffens up the arms, it then uses it's arms to launch itself in the general direction of the rabbit. It's not trying to land on it, just near enough to use it's arms, and given the fact that it flails as it flies it's hoping to hit something. As you might have guessed this thing isn't the most fond of being off the ground if it can at all help it.

On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan seems to dance about the layer, narrowly avoiding the flailing arms at every turn. She jumps, she ducks, she slides, everything possible besides getting hit. As soon as it slows, not even waiting for it to stop completely, Usagi closes in to smack it one in return.

Hogosha simply blocks the attack and eyes the other angel again. This wasn't really getting either of them anywhere at current, but it was still fun to battle against this rabbit like angel anyway. It leaves it's arms out and free in case the foe comes back in to attack again, but doesn't launch an attack of it's own right now, preferring to watch and wait again.

On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan :doesn't back off after this attack, following it up with another swipe aimed at the rock-thing's other side. The strike seems to hold a bit more power, aided by the way twists her entire body into the smack.

The large rock beast takes this attack just as solidly as it took the last one. It seems very hard to phase at all and quite resistant to all kinds of pain if these attacks do cause pain to it at all. And once again it chooses not to retaliate against the bunny, for what reason we don't know, but it's sitting there once more.

On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan decides to press her advantage, even one as small as this. It's not hurting the rock-beast much, but it /is/ hurting it, and it's not fighting back. Swing away, Usagi-tan, swing away. Once again from her right, the carrot is swung at Hogosha's side.

True, it wasn't fighting back. But it was more curious then anything right now. But as this attack comes in one of the arms flies in and smacks the weapon of course before doubling back to whip out at the holder. While this was a patient angel who was enjoying a good fight, repeated little attacks like that do have a toll after a while. And those attacks are taking their toll on the creature right now.

On the layer, Chibi Usagi-tan once again is sent rolling. This time, however, she doesn't need to dart off for anything. This time, she jumps up from the roll right at Hogosha's head, bringing her weapon down in a powerful overhand strike at the thing's skull. Maybe that's a weak point...possibly.

Crack! The attack connects solidly with the top of it's head. Only it's head spines and a little maneuvering keeps it from being majorly damaged by the attack, but one of it's spines does start to break despite that. The beast doesn't really like that but it also doesn't have enough energy left to do anything about it. So it focuses all it has left on defending from future attacks to keep more damage from happening. Next time it might be something a little more important that breaks instead of a decorative item.

Aha! Discovery is a beautiful thing! Usagi-tan, seeing the damage caused with that strike compared to all her others, decides that this is a great place to continue an assault. She darts around behind the statue, jumping once again and striking at the head. With this one, instead of a smack she stabs at the thing hard, using her jump to add strength.

She may be behind it, but that doesn't mean she's in a better position. The arms don't work like a normal person's and so can easily get around to block her attack, keeping anymore permanent damage to the decorative fixtures on it's head at the cost of damaging the arms. This in a much better compromise it thinks despite the fact that it's all damage in the end. And even yet it continues guarding, obviously about at the end by this point.

Judging by the amount of damage both angels have taken, Miina concludes that if Hogosha doesn't attack again by the time the buzzer sounds, Usagi will have won. There's still a chance it will strike back, though, and Usagi couldn't really afford to take another hit. Better to stay on the offensive then, and try another swing at that head. So far, it's been the only place that's really seemed to do anything for her.

One more attack and the Stone angel just spins. This keeps things from breaking off, but it just doesn't have enough energy to do anything else anymore. So for the benefit of the angel and the deus in question the attendant steps in. "I judge that Hogosha is unable to continue battling. Deus Akaki Miina wins this match." Hama sighs a little and stands, seeming a little disappointed but smiling at the other girl anyway. "That was a good battle, both Hogosha and I had fun." She eyes the large angel for a second, "Perhaps he had a little more fun then I did, but it was fun." She reaches in and picks him up, looking at him carefully to see exactly what was damaged when attacked.

Miina pulls off her visor, then stands to pull Usagi-tan and her carrot from the layer. Incidentally, that carrot looks much less dangerous in Miina's hand than in Usagi's. She grins at Hama, nodding a little. "It was fun. Your angel's really hard to damage...Usagi really had to swing hard, and she's really strong. I bet a weaker angel wouldn't stand a chance, Hama-chan. Hogosha's tough."