The tournament has been going on for a while now and several matches have both started and ended in a short time as people fight others with a large difference in skill. The place is even now packed full of people and will continue to be for a good long time. Contestants still waiting to battle are more numerous then those watching and will continue to be. The employees of the PP have even gone so far to keep spectators and contestants separate as to set up a special viewing area for people to go to.

While people are generally separated between contestants and not, there are a few who prefer the slightly more comfortable settings in the viewing area rather then standing with the crowds around the layer. Little Hama is one of those people. She's reading a book and keeping an eye on the time, while she doesn't know exactly when her next match will be, she was told to show up at the layer about quarter after six, and it was only six now so she had a little bit of time before she had to be down there yet.

Pacing, that is surely the best way to describe Konosuke at this point. He walks left and right near a layer, watching the ongoing match there. Without realizing, he is quite close to the one that is his contestant for the next battle, but he did know that the layer that he was pacing at was the one he'd duel upon. He has taken off his hat, his pure white-bleached hair dropped all the way and moving about as Konosuke walks. His hat is set at his chest and he is playing with the feather that is set on it with his fingers.

Another page turns slowly and the little girl smiles, looking quickly at her watch. It's about five minutes until the said time, she should probably start heading down there now. So she places her bookmark and closes the book, stowing it away in her bag and standing. She pushes her way through the crowd and makes her way towards the layers. She only makes it down just in time and looks around quickly, trying to remember which layer it was she was supposed to be going to. Not being able to think of it off the top of her head, she decides the best thing to do is head for the layer that's closest to being finished with their match and wait there. She'd be called if it wasn't the right one.

"Mitsunaka-chan, Aoshita-kun. To layer two please!" The attendant calls forth the names and Konosuke quickly places his hat onto his head. The feather gets fixed real good and the youth soon finds himself sitting in the seat that had been previously occupied by a girl who looked even younger than Hama. He waits patiently for the two previous combatants to vacate the area before doing so. His eyes quickly gaze over the layer while his hands reach for his visor and his angel, each taken to one hand, his visor sitting between index and middlefinger for the longest time as he waits for his opponent.

"Lets go then." Konosuke raises his angel and his visor both up at the same time, and quickly slips the latter onto his head. A small pair of red feathers dart up as the unit connects to the layer and announces to the player that it is ready to receive the fallin. So Konosuke's grip increases slightly around what looks like a dead bird raises it up into the air. "Ashes to ashes..." He begins, his voice somewhat booming through the room. He then pushes Fou near the layer, just barely allowing it to touch the pillar of light. "Dust to dust, break free from the mortal coil!" He then moves his hand back for a short second and then throws his angel forwards like a dart. "Fou-sama! Fallin!"

When the angel finally touches the light completely, the sound of something ablaze suddenly appeares! An aura seemed to start leaking from Fou's eyes, falling over its body like a waterfall, reaching out to the fanned out tail, and then falling down towards the ground, splashing like water, sipping on the flooring and a patch of fire... as if oil has fallen onto the ground and then is set on fire!

The fallin of the other angel leaves Hama agape for a moment before she shakes it off and concentrates. This is her first time in a real tournament and it's left her kind of nervous, but despite that she's managed to keep her head thus far. She lifts her angel from the hiding spot it was in and takes a deep breath before tossing him towards the layer. "Protector for all in need, Hogosha." While not near as flashy as the other angel, Hogosha does have that moment of amazement when it hits the layer floor and you hear just how solid the creature is.

"Alrighty then, you ready? Lets go!" Konosuke doesn't wait for a ready sign, the big and loud clunk along with the scenery taking its pick of the speel-mill is enough of a starting-sign for him. The buzzer goes, and the timer begins to count. "Go, Fou!" The youth calls for his angel, who immediately reacts and darts straight for Hama's angel with a somewhat unusual high speed, concidering the type of angel he was. The purpose was to close the distance as fast as possible and get a good bite out of Hogosha, his beak was strong too after all!

Stone lasts through most anything that can be thrown at it, and this is no exception. If the other angel wasn't attacking with it's beak this wouldn't have left any mark or anything, but considering it was Hogosha is now sporting a nice scratch down it's side where the attack failed to take a chunk out of the angel like it wanted. The gargoyle then snaps it's arms out to try and catch the other angel with them, not seeming to mind the fact that it's on fire at all. It just wants to play, and this firebird was it's next playmate.

A playmate? Well aint that cute... but its wrong! The angel lands on the flooring with its two large talons and quickly pulls away from the attack, only to knock itself against a low-hanging beam and giving the poor Phoenix a concussion. "Krrieee." It lets out a whiny shriek before quickly throwing another peck at Hogosha in an attempt to use the previous scratch to grab onto the stone gargoyle and throw it off into one of the nearby hot liquid-metal holding containers.

While the bird does have the right idea of something to do to cause some major damage to the other angel, trying to pick up something as large and heavy as Hogosha in your beak doesn't really work, even if you have a nice area to grab onto. So the beast here tries to do this scatter brained bird a favor and beat some sense into its head with one of it's arms. Needs more leverage to fling it, and apparently the concussion didn't enlighten in it to that fact.

The angel quickly retracts its head away from Hama, and Konosuke already facevaults before the angel finds its head hitting the exact same bar once more! "Oye... baka." The young man utters, shaking his head before letting out a heavy sigh and sending his angel forth again, this time the angel however tries a different tactic! It unleashes a suddenly volley of heavy pecks at Hogosha's hands, trying to pick away the detailed hands.

The stone behemoth's hands take vicious blow after vicious blow, but Hogosha's defence is a work of art. Some of the detailing in the hands get scratched and worn away under the pecking of the large flaming chicken, but the actual damage dealt is still kept to a very small amount. Something about this angel makes it not want to attack again however. It might be the deus, it might be the angel itself. No one can be quite certain, but it doesn't really matter why it's not attacking.

Well, Fou seems to have no plans of giving up its series of attacks. So it stops attacking with its beak for a moment, big deal. Instead it rears on of its huge talons above Hogosha and begins to unleash a quick volley of attacks with its sharp claws and the blazing heat of embers that fall off of its body as it moves in this eradic manner.

The claws and embers together create something a little different than previous. While it could deal with them if it really wanted to, this was going to test it's defence to a point that it doesn't really want right now and so does the smart thing and moves out of the way. How does a rock move however? It moves on wheels... sort of. Hogosha lifts barely off the ground and slips around a post and out of the way of the fiery bird's reach. This doesn't put the bird out of Hogosha's reach however, and it proves this by lashing out with both it's arms at the angel's side.

The bird takes the hit, or rather, lets the attack hit it. It gives the opponent a most bored look before finally opening its beak and reveiling what looks like an orb of fire. A high pitch shriek is voiced by this ball of fire, which suddenly darts down towards Hogosha. Were it to hit, it surely would envelope the opposing angel in a pillar of pure flames. Only after letting this attack go does Fou wander back a little to get out of the opposing angel's reach. Wanting to make sure that the resilient statue would not be able to hit it. able to hit it.

The attack does make Hogosha pleased, but the sudden pillar of flame doesn't. It sits enveloped by the flame in discomfort and annoyance at the attack and flame bird.

More annoyance was about to come Hogosha's way were she not to dodge the next attack. As Fou was coming at her at full speed, much like a train, about to ram straight into her like a truck!

Hogosha maybe effectively a bomb shelter sometimes, but against something that hits as hard as Fou here there isn't all that much it can do to keep from being majorly hurt. And when that some opponent as set to squish them up against a wall it doesn't matter how hard you are, that's going to hurt. So it slips out of the way of the attack yet again, lashing out an arm as it moves to try and smack the rampaging bird as it passes by, or at least make it concus itself again.

Fou stops dead in its tracks, using its wings to capture it like as if it were using a parachute and catches the attack dead in its tracks with its cloth of feathers, and quickly follows it up by ramming his wing into Hogosha's general direction, trying to knock the gargoyle angel into the boiling hot metal.

Once again the opponent tries to knock Hogosha into the molten metal, and once again Hogosha has to wonder how smart this bird is. The attack barely moves it at all, and it's not like the angel has any legs to attack that you can disable or anything. Perhaps he's just thinking a little much and this bird just has generalized tactics that work for most everything save for itself. No matter.

Generalized tactics used to work quite well, so the bird decides to go over to one of its other simple attacks, which would be to take a quickly small run before trying to kick away the metal statue like a football! If it would not move, that talon sure would start hurting in the morning!

The talon comes up, and Hogosha's fist goes straight out at the bird's chest. Smacking it once to interrupt the attack and then whirling the hand around to try and smack it again as it passes the other direction.

On the layer, Fou gets hit by the punches and does not hesitate to quickly begin pecking at Hama's angel again.

For every five pecks Hogosha takes from Fou, it tries to make sure it gives back one good smack. Though certainly not one to give up defense in favor of attacking, it's eager to play.

The bird seems to be getting tired, and its healthbar just keeps dropping, but the pecking does not stop! It tries to hit one place in particular, to try to get through Hama's strong defense.

The defence stands strong and Hogosha tries to punch it's arms through the gaps in the large bird's attacks, doing what it can.

The bird keeps hammering and hammer, shows flames of spirit until finally... it just drops over onto the floor, eyes swirling... no longer having any will to fight.