Chaos would be the best word to describe the layer area today, with throngs of tournament goers and watchers crowding the area. Since the tournament was a free-for-all, it made organization rather difficult and this was the result. Keiichi didn't mind so much though, since the amount of noise and bustle mixed with the fact that he was a guest duelist kept a lot of the less confident players away. It wasn't that he didn't like to play mind you, he just didn't like too much attention on himself. Despit this though, he was standing near one of the layers and peering about to see if anyone would challenge him.

Konosuke draws away from a small group of people near another layer and approaches Keiichi with a firm pace. To the more well trained eye, it would be possible to notice that he is just pretending to be tough. He stops next to Keiichi and hesitates for a moment before touching his shoulder. "Are you being challenged?" He asks with a kind, somewhat spirited voice. The red hat that perks on his head is quickly pulled down to hide his eyes.

Keiichi blinks and tilts his head slightly with the touch and then diverts his attention towards Konosuke with a bit of a smile. "Not just yet, though perhaps you would care to offer one?" His hands fold behind his back as he peers to him curiously.

"Very much so. I've heard a littlebit of you." Konosuke grins below the shadow that the hat casts over his face. "So I was wondering how strong you really were." Konosuke turns and points an arm away from them towards an empty layer. "Its reserved for whoever I challenged. I told them I already challenged someone. So pretend we had this planned." The boy chuckles for a moment before wandering off towards the layer, in the hopes that Keiichi would follow and quickly finds his seat in one of the egg-like chairs.

"Oh? Hopefully I won't fail to meet your expectations then." Keiichi then follows along after Konosuke, chuckling a bit at his antics. "Easily done." He makes his way towards the opposite chair and settles into it, shifting about to find comfort. His hands then move to place Zankoku into his lap and then grabs the visor and plugging it in. "Hmm, let's do our best ne?" With that he grins a little and plots the visor onto his head while pushing the power button to cause the wings to slide up and click into place.

"Let's." Konosuke replies, putting on a visor of his own which is colored in red with black-stylized flame-tribals on the sides. The wings are a small pair of colorful reddish feathers that shoot up as the youth takes hold of his angel. He was holding what looked like a dead bird into his hand and raised it up into the air. "Ashes to ashes..." He began, his voice somewhat booming through the room. He then pushed Fou somewhat near the layer, just barely allowing it to touch the pillar of light. "Dust to dust, break free from the mortal coil!" He then moved his hand back for a sort second and then threw his angel forwards like a dart. "Fou-sama! Fallin!"

When the angel finally touched the light completely, the sound of something ablaze suddenly appeared! An aura seemed to start leaking from Fou's eyes, falling over its body like a waterfall, reaching out to the fanned out tail, and then falling down towards the ground, splashing like water, sipping on the flooring and a patch of fire... as if oil had fallen onto the ground and then was set on fire! "I am ready..." Konosuke quickly notifies to Keiichi that he is waiting.

Keiichi nods and watches Lord Fou's entry into the layer, eyes lighting up with a little curiousity as it blazes into flame and spills it over onto the ground around him. "Interesting." He then lifts the heavily cloaked Zankoku from his lap, peering at the little angel for a moment. "Reach beyond the gates of death, Zankoku." He then tosses him towards the layer, with a bit of a spiral.

As the angel passes through a flash of red is emitted from where the eyes would be within the shadows of the cloak while his body snaps into movement. Dark tendrils of energy slink and dance over the folds of the cloak and along the visible parts of his body as well as he flips down towards the ground. He lands with a thud which kicks dust up into the air, that dark energy flaring out along the ground around him before dissipating. The zombie then settles into a defensive posture while looking towards the burning bird as the scenery flares into existence. Ruined buildings and dust and windswept roads take form as the dying city comes into existence. "Ready as well.".

"What is it with undead-type angels these days?" Konosuke chuckles and turns his head away for a moment before looking back. "Heard ya' beat Ranmaru-senpai recently. So I wondered how strong you really are. I have not been in the Angelic Fight scene for long, so I might not be much of a match for you. But I hope that I will at least provice you with a challenge. But... don't take light on me." Fou keeps hovering over the layer, moving up a littlebit to get some distance between it and Zankoku.

"Mmm, Zankoku suits me I think," Keiichi grins slightly and looks towards the layer and between the two angels below. "Ranmaru is one of the tougher opponents I've faced, and last time I think I may have just gotten lucky. Still. . . I won't take any match lightly, every one will have my all." His eyes raise towards Konosuke for a moment and then he nods. Zankoku remains motionless, watching his foe warily and quietly from where he stood. While speaking, Keiichi was planning out how to go about this fight in the back of his mind.

"Very well. Let'se-Go! Lordo Fou!" Using a bad form of engrish, the youth acknowledges that the battle had begun and sends his angel into the battle. The large Phoenix looms over Zankoku for a moment with its massive body before suddenly eminating a violent scream that might be implicated to reflect either pain of anger. Its beak is open during this moment and what looks like a huge ball of fire forms in its beak. It grows for a moment before suddenly shooting outwards and rampaging over the layer! It shot into every direction! Through the buildings, into cars and out of them again. It was setting the entire city aflame without showing any sign of lowering in power or going towards Zankoku... not until the very last moment where it dashes straight towards him at a high velocity! Were it to impact, the zombie-angel would find himself encased in a violent pillar of fire, scorching its body.

On the layer, Zankoku stands his ground and extends his arm out to block the the firey ball of destruction. Mistake it seemed. The flames erupt into a pillar about his form, fluttering the cloak up into the air and burning it to tatters. There was still cloth left, but it was singed, scarred, and torn by the flames. As the pillar faded away, there were still little bits of fire burning over the zombie's form and he remained unmoving, narrowed eyes turning towards the bird. Keiichi hadn't expected a move like that to start things off, and while he wasn't taking Konosuke lightly before he realized that he would need to step up his game a bit more if he didn't want to lose.

"Don't let him get away!" Konosuke's hat tips up as the spirited boy announces his will to his angel. The bird quickly reacts by spreading its wings and darting forth at Zankoku at an amazing speed. Strangely amazing, most likely caused by the momentum its weight brung as it flew so low over the ground, on collision course... ready to smash itself along with Zankoku into a random building! A warcry much like before followed while it did this. Cars being blown over in the wake of its approach as the winds carried them away, smashing into buildings.

On the layer, Zankoku watches the onrushing bird warily as it approached, and using a bizzare combination of telegraphing he manages to manuever in such a way that he's only knocked aside as the bird passes by, and tumbling back into one of the husks of car. He bursts forth from the wreckage quickly though and darts in towards the bird with a swift kick towards middle/side area of the creature, not really knowing where it would be best to strike. Keiichi's eyes watched carefully at how things were turning out below, a smile curling his lips as he does. This wasn't going to be an easy fight.

The angel gets to a quick stop by placing its wings in a vertical position and by using the momentum it had and by letting the wind escape from between its feathers on one wing it was able to turn. It was able to turn, place its talons into the ground and fend off the attack with the same wing it had used to turn around, much like a pivotting maneuver. A screetch is released as the attack of Zankoku hits the soft field of feathers, and soon sends the wing to one direction to ram Zankoku into a nearby building!

On the layer, Zankoku only grins as the wing moves to push him towards one of the buildings, but when it tries to force him back some invislble force sends it veering off course completely and leaving him unharmed. His right hand had drawn into a fist as dark energy danced along down his forearm and the ridge of his knuckles. Once there it quickly sprang into the form of a punch-dagger, though it was still completely made out of that inky purplish-black power he generates. With the wing diverted by him, this left a hold in the large flaming bird's defenses, and it was one he would willingly exploit. His fist shot out to stab the blade into the bird, and if it punctures him it will send a jolt of negative energy into its systems to disrupt it for a moment.

The attack hits right there, the bird seems to have a hard time turning back and as the attack hits and sends his lifepoints drawing down, Fou staggers for a moment. "Fou-Sama!" Konosuke jumps up from his chair for a moment and nearly pulls the visor off before sitting back down and straightening himself out... he takes a long breath and gives Keiichi a disturbed look. "Hmmm..." He takes a few long and deep breaths. "I see." Is all he ends up saying to him.

Keiichi watches Konosuke's reaction to the last attack with a lifted brow, my he was excitable. He assumed it was for concern over Lord Fou though, and it was understandable. The boy took a deep breath and nodded a bit before his gaze went back to the layer. There Zankoku had drawn back his other fist, dark energy charging through his forearm as it comes crashing down towards the large fiery bird's side. He wouldn't be on the defensive anymore, it was time to shift gears.

The angel seems to quickly come to life with a burst of fire surrounding it, pushing itself away from where it had stood and causing Zankoku to only graze over one of its wings. However, with the strength of the attack involved, it did not fully miss its effect either. The lifebar drops slightly and Konosuke bites his lip slightly. "Get him..." He whispers, his eyes squinting to small slits. The angel on the layer suddenly turns and starts pecking at Zankoku... the beginning of retaliation?

On the layer, Zankoku does something odd as the bird comes in to peck at him. His hands lift up to grab at the beak, to stop the pecking motion cold and try to hold onto it. He then yanks down and to the side as he hops into the air, trying to ram his head into the side of the bird creature's. A headbutt if you will.

Fou tries its best to move along with the attack and manages to take a little less damage than would he have tried to block the attack, but ends up looking like it has a concussion and starts wobbling around in a most confused manner, bumping itself against buildings as it goes and crushing cars.

On the layer, Zankoku watches only momentarily as the large fiery bird that is Lord Fou moves about in a disoriented manner. That small grin tugs at the corner of his lips again and he moves off towards one of the wrecked husks of car. Once there he leans down and heaves the wreckage up with great force. Half of the vehicle tears away from the rust and ruin that had beset it, and the half that remained was clutched as he began a quick spin around. After a couple turns to build momentum he releases the mass of rusty metal and framework at his foe, hoping to mangle him with it. Keiichi's eyes were on the match entirely now and it seemed he was concentrating more than normal, which said something about Konosuke and his angel.

The angel seems to flare up again as the attack comes in and when it looks like it is about to fall it suddenly turns around and blocks the attack with its wings. It is send walking a few paces backwards to keep its balance but soon sends a counterattack in the form of a fierce gust of wind, created by flapping its wings and setting its talons tightly into the ground.

Keiichi watches in mild disbelief as Lord Fou stops the heavy wreckage from doing significant harm, and then blinks as the large bird sends it back with a heavy gust of wind. On the layer, Zankoku pulls his arms up in a cross formation before him as dark energy surges over the forearms, coarsing through the bandages there. The wind hits first and breaks upon an invisible field which protects him from the force, and then the car wreckage comes crashing into it. The energy barrier seems to stop it for the most part, but it still shatters and several pieces of metal come tearing through and cutting up various parts of his body with minor cuts. Afterwards he hurtles over the mass of tangled and rusty metal, rushing in towards the large bird creature that was his foe. The distance is closed quickly enough and he leaps into the air with a bit of a pivot and a twist in an attempt to deliver a roundhouse kick towards the creature's head. It seemed he would have to keep this up close and personal.

"You know, somehow this scenery is fitting. The desolate world left behind, only to allow for new life to come. On it, something that can not die... and something that always comes back to life... fight a mortal battle. Am I the only one who sees the irony in this?" As the attack comes in, Fou takes the hit almost as it is. It doesn't defend with its wings but just lets Zankoku come close and gives it a big glare before... falling over? That's right! The giant bird appears to be sick of it all and just tries to fall over to squish the poor zombie!

On the layer, Zankoku's form coarses with the dark energy that he bends to enhance himself, hardening his flesh a bit to absorb some of the damage that would be caused by Lord Fou's landing on him. It seemed he didn't have the ability to get out of the way. His life bar takes a hit, but he's still in the game. For a moment it doesn't seem like he's going to do anything though.

"It's poetic in a sense, the way you describe it." Keiichi's attention shifts to the boy across from him, offering a smile towards him. "This would normally be an endless struggle between he who rises from the dead in the flesh he left the world in, and he who is born anew from the ashes of his past life. Still, while Lord Fou is strong I can see his weakness. I'm afraid this match will be over momentarily."

Back on the layer, Zankoku heaves and crawls out from under the large bird's form, with dark energy flaring about his body and coalescing into his hand. There it forms a ball of puplish black energy that takes on a sickly green hue to it. Once fully formed the zombie drops to his knee and smashes his palm towards the creature's neck, attempting to shove the (at this point) lethal energy into his form. Whether he is reborn or not, he will not live to make another attack. Not in so far as Keiichi could see anyway.

"The weakness is that he is but a mirror of a true Phoenix. As much as he can be revived, within my lifetime I will only see one revival per battle. For it takes great power to just do one." Konosuke replies, nodding as the attack hits. Flames suddenly erupt around the angel! "You see.." He points at the healthbar. "I know what you just did, and I can see why you choose this way. But trust me when I say, a true Phoenix... would have left the planet burning and destroyed it." He looks as his angel begins to grow brighter and brighter.

A piercing whistle begins to follow and dust begins to warp inwards into Phoenix's direction until suddenly a huge explosion occurs and a huge blast pushes everything over. Flames erupt all around and set cars ablaze, buildings are knocked over, and somewhere in the distance the Tokyo Tower breaks into two and begins to fall... The explosion pulsates with the power of flames.

The angel form slowly begins to lift up into the skies of the layer and hovers there for a moment. It looks magnificent, a dragon of fire wrapping itself around it before the angel dims out and drops straight to the ground and plunges into a building.

On the layer, Zankoku peers up as the flames come falling down to the earth below, relying on the dark energy aura about him to protect him as best it can from the fire. He does burn with a bit of a grimace, but he emerges the victor standing in a burning desolation of a city that was once falling into ruin naturally and was now burning to the ground. His gaze shifts towards the dues of Lord Fou with a flash of red emitting from his eyes before he turns to walk down the layer towards where his own deus sat.

Keiichi meanwhile watched the spectacle of flame and devestation with a smile, and a nod in response to Konosuke's words. "Perhaps one day he will elevate to where he belongs and surpass his weaknesses. You're a good dues and your angel is strong, I expect you will do very well here and in the future. It was my pleasure to face you." His opponent was very observant, and that would probably be the cause of his downfall to him in the future.

Konosuke nods and takes his angel from the layer. "Thank you for the match. I understand now why Oi-senpai lost. I learned a lot." The young man bows deeply before wandering off towards a ground of other kids, possibly looking for another duel...