Ranmaru takes hold of Kamui, fingers wrapping around the lithe body of his angel and holding him most gently. "Illuminate the darkness with your soul of bonds!" He suddenly calls out as he flings Kamui towards the layer. "Kamui, show us your light! Fallin!" The black feline angel shoots forth.

It's head goes into the beam of light first, immediatly forcing itself to open it's crimson red eyes. The rest of it's body following quite quickly. It's fur ruffles violently by the speed it had been thrown! Its limbs seem to twitch for a moment before explosively coming to live. Stretching out completely before making a beautiful double flip forth: finishing by landing perfectly on both knees and one fist, it's other arm set before it's face. It's tail lashed violently for a moment before the angel actually seemed to 'bother' to get up and take some paces back to his side of the layer.

Kamui's head cocked slightly to the left, it's lips reveiling one tooth, allowing for the angel to give quite the smug look. But this look was not directed at any opposing angel, it was directed at Katsumi. It's eyes illuminated with that red hue, a feral color.

"Shall we then?" Ranmaru asks, smiling at the little girl. Previously, Ranmaru had dragged Katsumi to the side for a while to thank her for the hat she had made for Mikage previously, and had remembered a battle he had once had with the little girl. The trouble he had had with the lion-like angel. He wondered how much she had improved by now.

As outgoing as Katsumi might be, she has to feel a little bit intimidated with being challenged by a guest duelist. Ranmaru and his angel were tough opponents even to experienced deuses, and Kat surely wasn't one of them. Still, a bit of reddish color shows on her cheeks as she steps up towards the layer, holding her lion in her hands. She clears her throat slightly, and then extends her arm, tossing Kimba towards the layer. "Go g-go Kimba! You've earned your roar, now show them your courage!"

The lion tumbles towards the layer like a bean-bag toy, landing in a thump, quite lifeless on the surface. Kat winces slightly, and then starts apologising profusely. "Gomen, gomen." She bites at her lip and tries to concentrate, the lion finally raising his head and struggling to his feet. She lets out a small sigh once he is standing, seeming to recollect herself. "O..okay, let's go then."

The buzzer sounds to announce the first turn of the match, and Katsumi seems to react quicker than the fast cat angel, at least for the moment. The lion rushes through the fields of rye, making them split in his wake. Only when he gets close to Kamui does he swipe out a paw. Not powerful, but accurate enough to be dangerous. Claws extend, seeking to swipe at the catboy's legs.

Kamui watches the lion approach, the rye being pushed aside. In some ways it reminds Ranmaru of a field of life, and promises himself somewhere in the back of his mind not to destroy the holographic scenery. There was no reason for it. "It is okay. Let's go, let's have fun." The male youth smiles and sends his angel backwards closer to his side of the layer to get away from the approaching lion. "Go." Kamui quickly ducks and sets one knee on the ground, raising an arm and catches the swipe by pushing one hand to the floor. A blue hue quickly appears as the attack seems to impact, and the lifecounter shows that it had been a hit. "Go, Kamui." Ranmaru then states as his angel pushes himself forth, trying to topple over Kimba just after the attack had landed and to throw a quick kick to its chest.

Topple, Kimba easily does, flopping like a rag-doll as he is struck. The lion rolls into the rye, pushing it out of the way, and then sinking slightly into the dirt as a kick is thrust into his chest. Luckily much of his chest is shielded by the thick fur of his mane. With such close confines, though, he has a bit of an advantage. The lion uses the opportunity to turn his head slightly, and tries to chomp his jaws down onto the catboy's quick legs. "Okay." Katsumi seems to gain some confidence from the boy's smile, nodding her head as she concentrates, looking almost constipated as she focuses so hard her whole body tenses.

"Hmm." An amused hum escapes Ranmaru as Kamui finds its arm being chewed on. "Oi, Kamui.. you are not a chewing toy." He points upwards at the health-bar which was showing. The angel nods at its dues in return and turns its attention towards Kimba. It starts shaking around its arm to shake off the lion before suddenly harnessing that blue hue once more and delivering another quick kick towards Kimba. It lets out a loud meow, much like a warcry.

Like a chastized kitten, Kimba releases Kamui's arm, leaving long strands of drool behind. He licks his lips slightly, and folds his ears back, only a moment before the kick strikes him, knocking him away. The lion ends up rolling through the tall blades of rye, crushing some of them beneath his massive bulk. Finally, he comes to a stop as he strikes a rock. It takes a moment for the lion to struggle to his feet, shaking his mane from side to side before giving a timid little growl towards the cat. Still a coward, it seems. Well, cowardly or no, Kimba retaliates by leaping forward, trying to pounce and pin the cat beneath his powerful forepaws.

"Hmm?" Ranmaru shows doubt as his angel gets out of the way of those powerful claws by doing a backflip, ending with one of its hands on a piece of Rye and using it to pivot on that hand and forcing a low-altitude flying kick towards Kimba, claws extended. "Katsumi?" The boy lets out his worries and tries to come over as nice and supportive as possible. "Your angel... you should believe in him too. He believes in you." He wasn't sure if the latter was true, but he was trying to help the little girl.

There is an audible 'thunk' as the blow strikes into Kimba, knocking him sideways. It seems as if the angel has a bit of trouble getting back to his feet, but this is partially because of the distraction of his deus. The constipated look is replaced by one of confusion as she looks up, "Nani?" Of course, when he starts to point out her problems with her angel, she simply turns red. Constipated, confused, and chastised at once, what a day it is for this young dues. "He's just a doll." She says with a shy voice, letting out a sigh as she looks at the angel, seemingly unable to get him to his feet right away. Then, she shakes her head slightly, looking across at Ranmaru with a sad smile. "The real Kimba got left behind a long time ago. This one isn't a very good replacement, I can't make him fight right." She doesn't seem to want to continue attacking at the moment.

"Physically or in mind? Is the shape of a doll really more important than that which lives inside of it? This is Kimba isn't it? He is real as long as you believe he is real." Kamui too takes a leave from fighting for a short moment and lets the girl correct Kimba's stance. "I used to wonder what was more important... how a person looked or the person inside of them. The personality. I found that the form a human or anything else comes in is not important. It is one's personality, the thing inside of them, that I grew to like." He speaks of live, the inner side of people, but at the same time the way he tated things, it could mean so many different things. It could even relate to a doll. "I used to have a doll too once. I was pretty old to have a doll back then. The doll however was put away by my parents... it had grown brown as I chewed on its ear and went to bed with it." It was true, a tiny piece of memory he had uncovered at some point from just after his awakening for the first time. "But then I got a same doll. It was no longer brown. But to me it was the same doll. After a while... I was told it was a different doll. But at that point, I grew to like it as if it were the same one. It didn't matter any more that it was not the same doll. Its spirit was inside of the doll." A lengthy explaination for something simple perhaps, but Ranmaru felt as if it needed to be said. Yet somehow, he was not sure if his words would have the impact he wished for it to have.

Katsumi simply nods her head, but some things are simply not easily solved with a few words. She may realize that what he says is true, but it doesn't mean it is something taken to heart right away. Sometimes it takes a while for things to sink in and for a person to realize the wisdom in what someone else says. "I don't know." She replies with a small shrug, looking down at the lion, who looks back up at her with his large eyes. There is a moment when the two almost seem to be passing thoughts between each other, but that moment passes quickly. Kat lets out a breath, and then smiles her usual bright smile, looking across at Ranmaru. "Gomen ne, we'll fight better now. Promise." She nods to the lion, who turns towards the cat once more. He charges forward, roaring outwards as he swipes a powerful claw towards one of Kamui's arms.

"Think about it if you ever wish to." Ranmaru smiles and nods most kindly at the girl once again while he watches the plushie lion parrade towards Kamui. "As for fighting. Do your best. I know I might be a tough opponent. But think of me as a friend." Kamui, on the layer quickly starts pacing away from Katsumi's angel, trying to get away from the attack that had been launched. "Ho ho... Kamui, he roars better than you." Ranmaru jokes and gets a quick meowing, yet somehow friendly, hiss in reply. The angel increases its speed for a short period of time to force Katsumi's angel to have a one-direction momentum before suddenly stopping and jumping far and wide over the lion and leaving it behind without anything to hit. The catboy angel seems to float in the skies for a moment before dropping downwards again, trying to drop onto the opposing angel's back and ride it! Not much of an attack it might seem at first, but such a weight dropped suddenly might have some effect after all!

The attack does very little to the lion, which is strange as he really isn't built for defense. Still, Katsumi seems to expect such a thing. Kimba gives a little snarl, slightly irritated that his most accurate of attacks had failed to strike its target. Rather than try again with such powerful moves, the lion swipes out with his paw, rearing on his hind legs as he seeks to claw at the cat's chest. Katsumi, on the other hand, simply nods her head, although her smile remains, she keeps her thoughts to herself.

The angel holds tightly onto Kimba for the longest time, letting out disturbed yelps before getting hit in the back by a clawed leg. Ranmaru chuckles, even though Kamui gets hit in the back and ends up toppling over. He rolls a few times in the rye-field before coming to a stable stop a few inches further away and getting up. He stands up completely and gently dusts off its fur, before turning its eyes towards its dues. Ranmaru gives a little nod. The angel returns the nod and then turns its attention towards Kimba once again.
Kimba, however, continues his wild attempts at attacking. Whatever force Katsumi has in her heart, she certainly doesn't have any idea of tactics. So rather than anything smart, she simply lashes another paw towards Kamui, the lion shifting his body weight to try to follow the fast angel as he makes his escapes.

"Nyo!" Kamui has to stay on his feet to keep away from the opposing angel's attacks. It tries to make the opposing angel over-extend herself and when he finally, after a few sessions of getting out of the way, sees an opening, he strikes with a strong... yet somewhat lacking... attack. It looks somewhat desperate. "Come on Kamui, you can do better than that." Ranmaru pouts for a moment and gives the angel a big thorough stare.

"Seems like Kamui needs a little help, too." Katsumi says with a bit of a sad tone to her voice, although her smile seems to linger, as if somewhat forced. As Kimba finds a way to dodge away from the powerful attack, he turns too quickly, his rear end swinging out towards where Kamui still stands. It seems as if many of Kimba's 'attacks' are quite unintentional. "Kimba..." Kat murmurs, shaking her head as she raises a hand to her forehead. "Bakayaro."

"Don't hide what you truly feel." Ranmaru suddenly states, not forceful however. He says it in such a way that it is clear that he is trying to help... carefully. He had learned from being around Mikage that he could not be forceful with people, but had to be gentle. "Kamui is fine. Look." His angel takes a few steps back and flashes a grin at his dues, and then one at Katsumi. He quickly jumps again to get out of the way of the butt-smack and ends up suddenly dropping from the sky again, however this time with one arm down! Claws however not extended.

"Everyone has troubles. Can't let them keep you down. Gotta keep smiling through it." Katsumi says, showing another one of those bright smiles. It seems as if someone had given her that advise at some point in her life. In either case, the distraction once more keeps Katsumi from attacking, but it seems as if Kimba goes somewhat on the defensive. He backs away a few steps, dodging out of the way of the attack, and then retreating into the tall grasses where he would be more difficul to track.

"I did that too sometime. But it is bad for you. I heard that if one keeps doing that, those sad emotions will become like a bubble in your chest. And when it finally bursts, all kinds of icky black stuff will come out." He nodded sagely. It made sense in some ways. "And then you can no longer smile. Ever. Its okay to be sad sometimes." His attention turns back to the layer where his angel has laid down and has begun to sunbathe in the layer's light, looking at its claws as if they needed to be trimmed.

"Whomever told you that is.... -weird-." Katsumi sticks her tongue out as if the idea were just gross. Afterall, no one just oozes black stuff, unless of course you were one of the strange angels that uses chemicals on the layer. Still, people didn't do that, and it was just silly to imagine otherwise. "I think you need to suggest a good head doctor to whomever told you that load of ... " She bites her tongue, trying not to be rude. "Gomen." Everyone handles things differently, and Katsumi apparently is quite content with her way of dealing with life. And, it is at that moment that Kimba comes barreling out of the tall grasses, trying once more to pounce the cat angel beneath his large paws.

"Ha ha ha!" Ranmaru laughs. "Sorry, I guess that was a bit too vivid of a suggestion. I didn't mean that for real. And I don't mind the swearing." He shakes his head and drops the subject, chuckling behind his hand. "Anyhow... lets see." He turns his attention towards the layer, giving his angel a good quick look. "Oye, Kamui... Roar!" And as he speaks this last word, his angel lets out a violent roaring hiss, showing the feral side to it as it suddenly dashes towards Kimba and slides underneath him, coming out behind her before getting up and releasing a volley of lashes and slashes towards her, trying to catch Kimba off-guard in some ways.

"Dodge it Kimba!" Katsumi calls out, seeming not to pay that much attention to Ranmaru's laugh. Instead, she's trying to keep her angel alive with all her strength. It almost looks as if she's trying to fart, although really she's just focusing her concentration once more on moving her angel. Rather than tooting, Kimba manages, somehow, to escape the brunt of the damage with his quick feet. That doesn't mean he's out of the frey, however. No, with his energies depleated, things were looking grim for the lion angel. So, knowing he's nearing his final moments, the lion strives forward, trying to barrel a shoulder into Kamui.

Ranmaru watches with amusement, something warm welling up in him as he sees the young, yet certainly rough talent make her way and try to show herself. It wasn't something he saw truly inside of Katsumi, but rather it was something he wanted to see in most younger generation players. Kamui goes to its knees as the lion barrels into him and sends him flying! The angel skids a few times and ends up quite close to the edge of the layer. "Gnnn." The youth peers at Kimba and realizes that Kamui too was quite close to his end. "Get him, Kamui!" He calls out. "Don't let him get the best of you!" His angel nods and quickly steams forwards... a blue aura begins forming him as he runs forth, much like a lance. It stretches out in a pure line straight towards Kimba and Kamui seems to follow this line perfectly. He draws forth a lot of energy as he speeds forth, the rye seeming to be tugged towards him and as they sweep back, the grains get released and dart into the skies. One arm stretched out at Kimba... claws out.

Thunk. Kimba goes down onto the layer with a flop, sending dust and rye flying in all directions. It almost looks as if he has deflated into one of those rugs you see on a hunter's floor. With a small mewl of protest, the lion tries to lift his head, but he has had the stuffing beat out of him, quite literally. There's a few piles of it strewn here and there among the rye. One paw gives a last, feeble attempt at Kamui's legs, but it is clear that there is little fight left in the lion.

"Kamui..." Ranmaru smiles and looks at his angel, looming over Kimba. The angel nods and goes through its knees and grabs hold of the lion... and picks him up! It strains the feline quite a bit and he wobbles as he slowly makes his way to the edge of the layer... but when he finally arrives at Katsumi's side he throws it towards her with enough force to allow her to catch him. "Layer-out. Kamui, Win." Ranmaru announces for himself, and nods most kindly at the girl before him. "I had fun." He gives that warm smile, a warm smile that still seems somewhat alien from Ranmaru and slowly takes off his visor as the layer powers down and his angel falls limp on the now grey table.

Katsumi just gives a small laugh as her angel gets tossed out of the layer, landing in a heep of fluff-filled paws. She picks him up slowly, his stuffing falling out onto the floor. "You've gone all to peices again." She says with an amused tone of voice, turning the lion over so that his fluffy insides don't spill out much more. "Thank you for playing me, Oi-san. Kimba and I will try to do better next time." As close as the match may seem, Katsumi had been on the edge of defeat for quite some time. In her own mind, she simply assumed that Ranmaru had been letting her have a few more rounds so she didn't feel too defeated. "I'm going to go fix Kimba now. You and Kamui do good okay?" And then, she's off, running into the group of people mulling around the layers and towards the repair desk.