"Hmm." Konosuke is sitting right in front of Katsumi, giving her a somewhat nervous look. As much as this was a young child, he knew just how intimidating the little ones could be at times. He was hiding his face under the shadow which the hat he wore casts over him. His visor is already set on his head, the red one with the phoenix-wings set upright. His angel lays in his hand, his eyes set firmly on Katsumi. "I'll let you fallin first." He states.

Well, even if Katsumi looks like a child, acts like a child, she isn't -really- a child. The girl holds her newly repaired plushie lion in her hand as she stands infront of the layer. At least this time, it wasn't a guest duelist, but she hasn't had a whole lot of luck against any duelists as of lately. Still, she'll give it her best shot and keep on smiling. "Thanks!" She calls out, and gives the angel a toss towards the layer. "Go go Kimba, you won your roar, now show your courage!" The lion flops into the layer, roaring out as he lands on all fours. She seems to have a little more confidence in this match, or at least a little less fear. As he flops down onto the sandy layer, Kimba shakes his mane out and looks towards his opponent, roaring a challenge.

"Two animals... fill find their place within the sands near that which gave life to the planet." Konosuke states somewhat poetically. He wonders however if the girl would understand. The dead bird that was within his hand is raised it up into the air for a moment. "Ashes to ashes..." He began, his voice somewhat booming through the room. He then pushed Fou somewhat near the layer, just barely allowing it to touch the pillar of light. "Dust to dust, break free from the mortal coil!" He then moved his hand back for a sort second and then threw his angel forwards like a dart. "Fou-sama! Fallin!"

When the angel finally touched the light completely, the sound of something ablaze suddenly appeared! An aura seemed to start leaking from Fou's eyes, falling over its body like a waterfall, reaching out to the fanned out tail, and then falling down towards the ground, splashing like water, sipping on the flooring and a patch of fire... as if oil had fallen onto the ground and then was set on fire! Even the ocean did not escape from this effect, as that was which it was floating over. The fire licks on the water and begins to slowly create a mist that spreads over the water and slightly onto the beach. "Fou..." The bird lets out a quick shriek and begins to float lower and approaches the beach before finally landing on it, talons setting into the sands. "Yush." Konosuke states firmly.

Katsumi watches the fall in with wide-eyes, always amazed at what other people and their angels can accomplish. When the timer begins, though, she has to quickly collect herself and decide what she wants to do in this situation. well, her best chance of surviving any length of time against this angel is probably going to be an early hit. So, Kimba charges forward across the sand, sweeping out a paw towards Fou.

The angel quickly raises a wing and slightly goes through his 'knees' to help him block away the attack. The claws find their way through his feathers and manage to touch its pens. "Go, Fou-sama!" The angel sinks further before it makes a quick turnaround and tries to bash away Kimba by sweeping its magnificent tail through her feet. "Show them what we're made of!"

For once, Kimba seems to be able to harness some speed and get out of the way of the sweeping attack. He bounces up like a cat about to pounce on some toy, letting it slide under him. He rears up as he lands and sweeps another paw out towards Fou. He doens't have a great variance in his abilities, but sometimes you odn't need it to be effective.

Fou quickly wraps its wings around itself again, much like a cocoon for a moment. The attack hits the lower side of his wings and ends up forcing the bird out of balance. It wanders a few paces backwards, trying to keep itself from falling. "Kreeee." The bird lets out an annoyed sound and gives the lion a look that almost could kill. "Go go, Fou!" Konosuke seems to be very spirited during this tournament. It runs forth and then quickly lashes out with a talon to try and grab the lion's chest and push it into the sand.

*Thump* Kimba gets forced into the sand, face first. The lion sputters, and spits the sand out as he struggles to his feet once more. Turning, Kimba tries to escape this close confines and in the process, his large rear end comes swinging towards Fou. Lion butt attack! Well, at least he's not farting. Katsumi seems quiet for once, not cheering for her angel, but she watches with her usual smile on her face

Lord Fou looses its footing as Kimba struggles free and falls to the ground, causing the butt of said lion to impact against its chest and dealing heavy damage. "Oye?" Konosuke sits himself up straight and scritches his cheek. "This is... weird." He states casually as his bird gets up and lets out an angry shriek. "Come on, Lord Fou!" It stands there for a moment, completely still, before dashing at Katsumi's angel again and starting a volley of strikes of its talons at the lion.
LAYER: Round advanced. 12 rounds remaining.

Roaring outward, Kimba rolls out of the way of the fast strikes of Fou's talons, getting himself all dusty in the process. As he gets to his feet, he scowls at how dirty his fur has become, and starts to shake himself from left to right. In the process, he sends a spray of sand and grit and rocks towards Fou. Then, after he's quite done with his cleaning, he leaps forward with a little *poing* of sound that Katsumi must have installed in his legs. Lioooonooo-pounsu!

The angel gets pounced on. And even though the bird angel was strong, it was knocked over again and ends up laying on the floor with Kimba on its chest. Its wings flap heavily, trying to get Kimba off of him. "Come on Fou, stop playing around..." The youth pleads as his angel tries to recover and get Kimba off of him.

Focus shows on Katsumi's face, although it is mixed with worry as her angel tries to continue making headway in this fight. While it may seem as if he has the advantage, she knows just how quickly that can turn around. Kimba steps off of Fou, but it doesn't mean that the phoenix is out of the woods yet. There is that rear end to deal with. Kimba seems distracted, and sits down to scratch himself... of course, his choice of seats is right on Fou's head.

The angel keeps darting its wings and head about until suddenly Kimba lowers its ass onto... his beak. Konosuke and Fou's eyes seem to widen for a moment. Fou's in disgust... while Konosuke? Konosuke suddenly begins laughing madly. "Mwaaahahaha!" He grabs for his chest and raises his hat while he does so. Fou suddenly pokes its beak upwards and to the side to try and pierce Kimba and toss him to the side.

"Arou?" Kimba's ears go back suddenly, and then his eyes go wide. A moment later, there is a loud yelp that echos across the layer as the lion leaps upwards, his legs flailing like a cartoon character. When he lands, he runs around in circles as if his rear end was on fire, making a continuous, "Yipe, yipe, yipe!" Of course, in the process of one of these circles, he comes close to Fou and seems as if he were right about to barrel into him with his body weight.

Konosuke could not stop laughing, and it was mere luck that Fou had come up and was able to stop the attack with its wing as it came in. The bird birdlike angel soon wanders off, away from Kimba and tries make a good distance between the two. There was however no retaliation as Konosuke was too busy laughing.
Katsumi seems to smile when Konosuke finds her angel amusing, but she has her concentration on the battle. Kimba finally seems to be able to get the pain in his rear end under control, although he still limps slightly. With a bit of a disgruntled look, the lion turns towards Fou once more, and uses the distraction of his deus laughing to dive towrads him. The attack comes as a powerful bite of his jaws, rying to close them down onto his arm and pierce some of the circuitry that controls it.

Its a full hit! The angel staggers as Kimba latches onto its long neck and begins to move around wildly. It tries to get rid of Kimba by rushing around a lot until it finds a rock on the beach and tries to drop Kimba and himself onto the rock in an attempt to get rid of the lion. "Oye.. Fou.... woaaah." Konosuke takes a quick and good look at his angel and notices that some of its feathers actually have dangled onto the ground and the wiring lays open. "Shoooo..." He twitches... this he had heard about but never seen.

The blow strikes hard against Kimba, cutting a gash into his side and letting some fluff trail out behind him as a seam comes undone. The lion seems confused as he turns to look at his side, and yet again that big rear end comes swinging out towards Fou. Someday, he will learn where his back legs are, but that doesn't seem to be likely any time soon. So, using the momentum of his turn, a big lion butt comes towards the phoenix once more.

Once again knocked over, the angel however this time finds itself able to shift its momentum to fall towards Katsumi's angel. "Incoming!" Konosuke chuckles as his angel tips over and with a loud 'plof' falls towards the sand. Wether he hit the lion or not was to remain a question. "Come on, Fou! Get back up onto your feet!" He knew that he should have stayed in the skies, where Fou was lord. But he thought it was not fair to fight in the skies, a place where his enemy might not be able to retaliate at all. That was cheap, no honor in such things.

Kimba quickly jumps out of the way of the incoming, falling form of Fou. He is the one who is supposed to squish people, not the other way around. He snarls and swipes a paw out towards the bird, trying to rip some more feathers off with the sharp curve of his claws.

The claw hits the birds feathers. The lifemeter drops, but stops at that last tiny little bar. "Heh..." The claw hits the birds feathers... but the feathers turn into fire! Like oil leaking onto the lion's paw it begins to burn. Much like a greasefire it folds onto the 'oil' on the paw of the lion. "Go! Konosuke!" A loud piercing whistle begins to sound as if something was charging. The sand and sea seems to draw towards the angel for a short moment before the energy is released in the form of a burst of fire. A perfect sphere extends from its body, dragons of fire spreading around to knock and force Kimba away from it! But the bird remains laying on the floor.

The force of the rebirth of Fou is quite enough to knock the somewhat lightweight Kimba all the way to the edge of the layer. He wobbles once or twice, and then finally topples off the edge of the layer. As has become usual for Kimba, he flops lifelessly outside of the layer, but not quite as damaged this time around. Katsumi simply gives a little laugh and shakes her head. "Wasn't expecting that." She says as she reaches down to pick up her angel from the floor, holding him to her. "Thank you for the match. Your angel is really strong." She looks down at Kimba, and then bows her head towards Konosuke.

"Your angel is too. If I had not learned how to control Fou's power of resurrection... I'd surely have been done for." Konosuke replies, letting out a loud sigh of relief. He won! The layer powers down and the beach scenery disappears along with it. He extends his hands and picks up his angel and brings it to his chest, much like a child loved by her father. "Thank you for the match." He smiles and stands up, unplugging the visor and looking about. He then turns his eyes back on Katsumi and bows forth, taking off his hat much like a medieval musketeer before their queen or king. "My lady." He says and puts the hat back on before finally wandering off.