The tournament is coming to an end. But matches are still being played, and the match between Konosuke was just about to get started. "Let us fallin, shall we?" Konosuke asks in a kind manner. He takes what looks like a dead bird into his hand and raises it up into the air. "Ashes to ashes..." He begins, his voice somewhat booming through the room. He then pushes Fou somewhat near the layer, just barely allowing it to touch the pillar of light. "Dust to dust, break free from the mortal coil!" He then moves his hand back for a sort second and throws his angel forwards like a dart. "Fou-sama! Fallin!"

When the angel finally touches the light completely, the sound of something ablaze suddenly appears! An aura seemed to start leaking from Fou's eyes, falling over its body like a waterfall, reaching out to the fanned out tail, and then falling down towards the ground, splashing like water, sipping on the flooring and a patch of fire... as if oil had fallen onto the ground and then was set on fire! "Fallin, complete." Konosuke grins, looking at Eisaku. "Meet Lord Fou."

Eisaku blinks and tilts his head curiously at the fiery bird. He had a sense that this match would not be easy by any sense of the word. With a smile he nodded, "Nice, he looks great." With that he lifts Seraph up and tosses him towards the layer, "Unleash the fury of the heavens, Seraph fall-in!" The angel spirals towards the layer, passing through the barrier and springing to life. All six wings spread out and arc to allow him to glide towards the moon-like surface below. Once there he tugs on the straps of his shield to make sure it's secure and withdraws his sword before giving a salute to his opponent. A sign of respect as it were.

"Hmm, somewhat amusing once more. This reminds me of a battle I had earlier. I had a battle on a destroyed city between Fou and Zankoku, a zombie angel." Konosuke explains. "And now a dead planet, the moon, where a being from celestial heir fights one who keeps living no matter what." The young boy's head shook, smiling. "Is this fate, or just chance?" He chuckled, suddenly grabbing his calculator from his pocket and dialing in some numbers before looking back up at Eisaku. "Guess its within the chances possibility." And the timer begins, the buzzer has gone just when his pocket-calculator is put away. "I'm ready." He states and turns his attention to the layer.

Eisaku chuckles a bit and then grins a little, "It will be an intersting fight I'm sure." On the layer, Seraph lowers a bit and then springs into motion and closing the distance between the two angels. As he gets within striking range, his sword swings out in a wide arc at the large fiery bird. If it hit, there would be no cutting. The blade was quite dull, merely an impliment used to extend his reach.

The sword gets... stuck? One way or the other, the sword seems not to have much effect on the angel, as Fou had lowered itself back onto the floor so that its talons could reach for the moon's surface and support its large body. That way it could use its wings to deflect the attack and at the same time make some distance between the two by walking back and using the tip of its wing to keep the opposing angel at bay. And then... something odd happends. The angel spreads its wings to all side, the sword gets unstuck and Eisaku, were he to be holding onto it, is set free once more. The phoenix's head rears upwards, letting out a warcry before storming forwards, apparently planning on trampling the divine being. "Hmm, squishies."

With the sword stuck Seraph decides to let it go so he can more easily move, otherwise he would not be able to get around very easily. Then Foe moved away and gave the angel a moment to figure out what was about to come, with wings arcing up and out and pulling down with a sweeping motion to pull him into the air and out of the way of the attack. Just barely. On his way down he decides to snap a kick out towards the bird creature's head in reprisal.

The angel takes the hit with its beak and holds quite steadily its course until it finally disappears inside of one of the craters. The opposing surely would no longer be able to see Fou anymore, but its deus probably could from his high vantage point. While in that crater, Fou takes a short moment to recover from its previous rampage and lets out a high pitched shriek before opening its beak and aiming itself up into the air. From within appears what looks like a ball of fire which suddenly shoots up into the skies and sears straight for Seraph. And no matter what Seraph would do, that ball of fire would follow him, bouncing on the ground and invisible walls in the air. The angel would really need to be quick on his feet to get away from the hidden property inside... a pillar of fire which could capture Seraph and hold him to the ground for a short period of time while scorching its armor!

Seraph attempts to evade the sphere of flames, flying away, running away, and finally realizing the futility he simply lifts his shield to help block. It does little good to fend off the blazing attack though. The fiery pillar rises up around him, singing feathers and blackening several as a result. He doesn't seem to have time to do much of anything except try to brush out the flames.

And while Seraph takes his time putting out the flames, he might notice the heavy presence of a shadow above him. Konosuke's angel is there, dropping from the sky with one talon open, very much with the intent on grabbing hold of the angelic one and force him onto, if not /into/ the ground.

Seraph lifts his shield up above his head and a white glow emits from it as the talon comes scaping against the metal. The weight of the bird causes the angel to buckle slightly, but he manages to overcome and shove off to the side to knock him to the ground. Once there he attempts to slam a heavy kick into the beast.

Critical Effect! The attack his right in the beast's chest and for a moment it seems like the angel is going to buckle under the stress of the attack. A loud high pitched and certainly painful shriek is voiced from the angel, but Konosuke seems to just be watching this without showing any signs of distress. Did he have a plan? He watches as his angel comes back up from its fallen position and wobbles left and right for a moment like a headless chicken before suddenly opening its beak and showing what looks like another of those firey balls. But this one however as it shoots out of the angel's beak turns into what looks like a flaming arrow, darting at high speed straight for Eisaku's angel. It looks sharp and loaded enough to maybe even shatter that shield!

The arrow of fire meets with an invisible force, though a golden white discarge of energy can be seen shooting out in a sphere like pattern from the point of impact. For a moment it seems as if it might stop the attack completely, but finally it passes through and punches into Seraph and sends him staggering back a step or two. His arm draws back and the near invisible wire attached to his sword goes to work, whipping the blade back towards his hand. At the last moment though he makes fancy motions and it causes the sword to go around him in a wide arc and shoot straight for the phoenix.

Fou staggers away from Seraph after having been under the effect of the defensive sphere and having recoiled from the effect. It stands still for a moment and quickly raises one of its wings to push away the sword... but he misses! The sword cuts straight through to his other wing and makes a nice gash over the feathers that, even though it was not sharp, still draws some feathers away from Fou. In return, Fou gives Seraph a most evil glare. One that seems to say: 'how DARE you touch my do?' or something similar before it goes storming at the celestial being and jumps up at the last moment before it comes in at full force with a huge belly-flop!

Seraph manages to move out of the way a little bit and thus is not completely smushed by the larger fiery bird. Still he is pinned by his legs and unable to get away under the weight of it. He struggles for a moment and then begins bashing at the creature repeatedly with the pommel of his sword, "Get off of me!"

But it would seem the angel has no plans of going anywhere. It just keeps laying on Seraph's legs and after the pummeling it receives it just decides to begin rolling around a bit to make sure that Seraph's legs get squished nice and tightly into the ground. Squish squish squish! Or so was the bird's intent anyway.

Well it looked like Seraph wasn't going anywhere for now, as he couldn't break free from the pin. He did manage to shift into a position to take less damage from the weight of Fou though. He actually seemed a little content to just sit there for now.

So the squishing continues, to such an extend that Fou starts pushing itself up and then dropping itself back down onto Seraph, smush smush... squishy squishy. "I am reminded of a giant." Konosuke suddenly says. "Hmm... squishes." The young man then breaks out into a laugh and shakes his head, causing the red hat with the feather to drop down onto his lap, reveiling his long white hair.

And the squishing continues, Seraph still not finding a good moment to get out of the way. This was going to be annoying to fix Eisaku thinks as he watches, though he does manage to chuckle a bit with it. "Lord Fou is pretty fast for being so big."

"Yeah, but you would not say that if you saw his ability at dodging attacks." He coughs, as he says the word 'dodging', for that was something that Fou was very rarely able to do. His attention turns back to the layer where his angel finally decides to get up and instead of falling right back on Seraph, it moves one of its talons up and begins a fast volley of attacks aimed upon Seraph's torso and lower chest.

Seraph moves his shield up to block most of the volley, getting smashed into the ground and leaving a bit of an imprint though. Before the last one connects he rolls out of the way and attempts to push up with an uppercut of sorts towards the bird's chest. "Seraph isn't so good at that either really. . ." Eisaku chuckles a bit as he speaks the words.

"I noticed." Konosuke chuckles as his angel takes another hit, but this time is able to place its wing in front of it correctly, so for once the attack has almost entirely no effect. Fou snaps its wings about quickly like a fan before looming its one wing over Seraph and smashing it right into the angel's direction in attempt to smack it off of the layer.

Seraph manages to bring his shield to bear with enough force to counteract what Fou had intended, and it mitigated the damagae enough that he only slid a little bit. He then brought the shield back a bit as he moved in towards the bird and brought his shield in a bashing motion towards the beast, attempting to shove it backwards towards the layer's other side.

The angel goes wobbling for a moment but finally for once it does not fall. Instead, the reaction begins right there when Seraph's punch hits. It quickly moves its wings to try and capture Seraph against its body to increase the effect of the burn... for, as his health reaches one, his whole body suddenly starts burning like a madman. As if a pyromaniac had found a oilderick with his name on it. The flames spread outwards in the shapes of dragons, snapping at Seraph's body, trying to envelop him with their presence.

And envelope they do, tearing into his armor and eating away at what little life Seraph had. Finally the bar drops to zero and he drops limply to the layer's surface, no longer able to battle. Eisaku lifts a brow at the ending of the match and smiles, "That was pretty cool, the fire thing."

"I take pride in that move." Konosuke replies, smiling kindly at his opponent. "Anyways." He slowly gets up and looks at the clock. "Keeeh..." His head shakes and he looks at his angel. "I think Fou's had enough fights for a day." He states firmly as he takes his angel off of the just deactivated layer. "I had fun fighting you." He takes his angel to his chest and takes of his visor, but does not walk away just yet.

Eisaku hops to his feet with the indication of the end of the match and scoops Seraph off the layer, collecting his sword too. "It was a great fight! Even though I lost, I'm getting used to that in this game though." He chuckles a bit and shrugs his shoulders, "It's still fun though. Thanks for the match."

"Thank you too." Konosuke bows before Eisaku and places his hat on his head again. "Alrighty then, see you at the next Angelic Layer meeting then, Ienari-kun." Before he had not even shared his own name, but apparently he knew the young man's name. But then, that was his job. He was the president of that particular club after all. "See ya." And with that the young man walks off.