The spotlights are blaring and bright as usual, though mostly filtered out into the crowd for the moment. A couple settle upon the announcer, who as always is sitting high in his chair. He adjusts his microphone and then begins speaking over the loud and cheery crowd. "It's time for the next match, so let's get started!" With that, the attendant ushers Miina and Ryou towards the arena floor.

Ryou pauses at the entry way for a moment while peering curiously at Miina. Hmm. He shrugs a bit and then makes his way out into the lights, offering a big grin and a wave to the crowd while making his way towards his chair, in which he settles and begins getting ready for the match.

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Kyousuke-sempai!", the boy calls out to the older classmate and Kendo club member. "Kyousuke-sempai!"

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "NYOROoo~ Nyoro!..~ Nyooro!" A couple of older men are wiggling while waving a flag. "Nyoro!"

Miina isn't quite sure why she got such a strange look from the unknown boy, but it doesn't stay in her mind for more than a moment. Holding her angel in her arms, she grins happily as she makes her way down to the giant layer. Once again, the number of people who seem to be cheering for her throws her off slightly, but still she waves to them as she passes. "Good luck," she calls to the boy as they split up to go in different directions to the deus's chairs. It doesn't take her too long to get settled, despite the momentary snag of getting her hair caught in the visor...

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Let's go Chibi Usagi-tan!", the young boy holds his cardboard sign up high, on it written sloppily Chibi Usagi-tan and a rather disturbingly drawn picture of the bunny angel with it's carrot.. if that is a carrot in it's hand. He continues shouting,"Let's go Miina-san!"

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Ganbare Miina-han! Makehende!"

Ryou nods in response to the good luck, and after getting everything set up peers across the way towards Miina. The normally over-confident and quite cocky boy is keeping himself in check for now, because he's seen how his opponent plays and knows she's rather strong. Of course, so was one of his previous opponents, but he couldn't help himself at that point.

The announcer nods as the chairs raise into place. "In the west corner, we have Misaki Ryou with his angel Misakichi! They've had an impressive run in this tournament, all things considered." He then looks over towards where Miina was sitting and indicates towards her. "And in the east corner is the deus Akaki Miina, with her angel Chibi Usagi-tan! They've also had an impressive run in the tournament so far considering they're first timers." The announcer grins a bit and then points down towards the layer while the crowds cheer for whoever they want to win, or cheer in general, whatever have you. "Their battlefield for this match will be. . ." He gives a dramatic pause as the layer sceneries flicker and fly into and out of being before finally settling upon one. "a Christmas getaway location! Two trains circling a giant Christmas tree! Will the winner be able to keep all the presents to themselves? We'll just have to find out won't we? Angels, fall-in!"

Ryou nods at the fallin indication and lifts Misakichi back before tossing her in towards the layer. "Never give up, Misakichi!" With that she spirals towards the layer and through the barrier of energy, briefly surrounded by a golden-white glow of energy as she does so. Her eyes open slowly before she springs to life, shaking the energy off as it dissipates. She tumbles and twists down towards the layer below, landing heavily upon one of the train cars, which seems to actually be moving. The unexpected nature of this causes her to flail her arms and fall backwards on her butt. Ryou sighs heavily and shakes his head before lifting a hand to adjust his fake glasses.

Hearing Ryou's fallin, Miina has to smile. Never give up...sounds pretty familiar. Still grinning, she raises her own angel high over her head. "Alright, Chibi Usagi-tan! Let's show 'em how we play!" The little rabbit angel, once again sent forth an impressively horrid throw, once again manages to make it workable after passing through the barrier. Still, she lands heavily on the top of the train car, kneeling immediately to keep from falling.

"How will these two fare on these circling trains? Has the cold made their surfaces icy? And just what is in those packages down there beneath that tree?! There's only one way to find out...Everyone, are you ready? It's time...ANGELIC FIGHT!"

At the signal, Usagi-tan begins to run around the train, trying to make her way towards her opponent. Almost as an afterthought, however, she jumps off of the train entirely and instead begins jumping up into the branches of the tree, climbing higher at first and then working her way out towards the ends of the limbs.

The trains aren't moving quickly as of yet, it's rather slow actually. Still it was enough to take Misakichi off-balance since it wasn't expected. She's recovered now though, and rises to her feet before peering about for the bunny-girl foe. She wasn't on the trains for below, she seemed to be above actually. Her head cranes back a bit to peer curiously at Usagi-tan's high perch, pondering what exactly she was trying to accomplish up there. For now she'll just wait and see.

Usagi-tan waits long enough for the train to bring the other angel almost beneath her. She then drops down, but back onto the train. Instead, she directs her fall to just beside it, lashing out at Misakichi's legs with her carrot weapon as she passes. So far, she hasn't seen what this angel is capable of, what her strengths and weaknesses are or her tactics, and so the prudent rabbit is being cautious. The instant her feet touch the ground, she'll bound off back toward the tree.

Misakichi watches with amused eyes as Usagi-tan makes a leap from above, and notes her trajectory would take her past the train and not onto it. She watches and waits cautiously to see what will happen, and when the carrot swings out for her legs she hops back a bit and out of range. Now that she knows the train is moving though, she's not taken by surprise by the fact that she isn't exactly behind where she was before and a little more to the side. Hmm. Still, since Usagi-tan was being so careful, Misakichi decided to wait a little longer. Mostly to see what the other angel was capable of in agility. She was climbing that tree pretty well afterall.

This time as the seemingly clever little rabbit returns to the outermost part of the branches, she's just a little concerned about why the other angel isn't making any moves. Strange, but not all that unusual really. As Usagi-tan once again drops down from the branches, this time she does land on the train, directly in front of Misakichi. Hoping for a bit of surprise from that, she immediately thrusts out that wicked weapon, trying to see if she can catch her off guard.

Misakichi didn't seem all that surprised when Usagi-tan made her landing, in fact she seemed to be smiling a bit. As the carrot comes stabbing out towards her she twirls about in a circle, closing the distance between them along the side of the carrot. She does a full 360 degree turn as she twirls and when she comes around she lets out a simple punch towards the bunny-girl's face. My my, she was light on her feet wasn't she?

Usagi-tan jumps back, once again opening up some distance between herself and the other angel. Apparently, this one's got some speed to her. The rabbit uses her own powerful legs to her advantage, leaping up high above the train but also far enough forward that Misakichi wouldn't simply pass beneath her. It seems to her that her best bet will be these comet-strikes, and once again she drops down from above. This time, instead of using her weapon, she performs the frontflip she's already used several times in this tournament, snapping her heel down at Misakichi's head.

Misakichi watches Usagi-tan carefully, and when the blow comes in towards her head she brings up both arms while sliding backwards. The attack itself barely does anything to her, the problem is she slid back into a part of the roof that is raised slightly from where she is, which in turn causes her to trip backwards and fall flat on her back. She blinks and remains there for a moment, slightly confused at what just happened. Ryou frowns a bit, his angel is supposed to be more nimble than that. (It's probably because their person it's modeled after is a bit clumsy... karma...)

Rather than taking immediate advantage of such a fortunate situation, Usagi-tan instead pauses. She smiles down at Misakichi, shifting her weapon into her left hand so that offer her right to her opponent, meaning to help her back up. Unlike so many other angels around, Usagi-tan isn't exactly ruthless. Of course, this doesn't mean that her mind isn't working...she's thinking /very/ fast.

Ryou actually blinks from his chair, being taken completely off guard by the action. Misakichi blinks as well, and takes the offered hand to hop back to her feet. Well, it would be hard to play dirty against someone being so fair so she nods and backs off a bit before settling into a battle posture. She'll wait until things get started again before doing anything.

Miina seems rather pleased that Misakichi didn't take advantage of her own angel's generosity, and she grins across at Ryou. On the layer, however, Usagi-tan's back to business. She gives a brief bow of her head to Misakichi to indicate that she's ready again as well, then begins her assault anew. She launches a furred foot down low toward the girl's knees, but arcs it around to pull her true attack, the point of her carrot weapon, in a powerful curve toward her side.

Ryou offers a nod towards Miina when she grins over, but his attention didn't shift from the match much really. Misakichi's movements with this incoming attack were rather blindingly fast, her leg slides back just enough to have avoided the kick if it were going to be real and she dips low into a spin while avoiding the carrot that passes over her. This would be rather dizzying to a normal person, and when she rises up from the dipping spin her fist is coming up in a rather fast looking uppercut towards Usagi-tan's chin.

The speed is surprising, but it's not enough to catch Usagi completely off guard. After all, she's come up against fast things before. She manages to lean back enough that the uppercut isn't much more than a scrape, though she'd really have preferred it not to have connected at all. Still, she doesn't give any ground or let up in her own attack, retaliating instantly with a whiplike blow from the very tip of her weapon aimed at Misakichi's shoulder.

Misakichi dips her shoulder enough to allow the carrot to graze along it without causing any real damage to her, she was good at that kind of thing really. Since she doesn't give up any ground, she uses her lowered stance to launch a punch out towards Usagi-tan's stomach in retaliation. While Misakichi was quite fast, her attacks weren't as accurate as most peoples seemed to be.

Usagi tenses herself, and it seems the little thing is made of tougher stuff than her small size would make it seem. The impacting fist seems to do little or nothing, and the rabbit's answering attack is instantaneous. Since Misakichi is so low to ground, her maneuver is made even easier as she launches a powerful kick up at her stomach.

Misakichi jerks backwards quickly as the blow comes in and is just barely able to avoid the kick's full effect. While doing so she kicks out with her foot towards the stable leg that Usagi-tan is standing on before placing her hands upon the train-roof and flipping backwards and away. Whew, that seemed pretty close.

Almost in a mimicry of Misakichi's own jump and flip backwards, Usagi-tan manages to do the same thing. Surprisingly, she doesn't try to rush in at her again, however. Instead, she stands at the opposite end of the train car from her opponent, grinning happily. She's enjoying this fight, even if she still hasn't really done anything visible to Misakichi.

Misakichi watches Usagi-tan's movements carefully, and grins back her way as well. Sure she'd manage to score a couple light hits on the bunny-girl, but she was pretty nimble and nothing big went through. This is a good fight, most definately. Still, no time to rest now. She nods once and rushes in towards her opponent straight on, sliding to a halt a small distance away and snapping out a quick kick towards the chest.

Once again, Usagi-tan doesn't dodge, thinking that the attack would have as little strength behind it as the others. This one seems to break through a little more, however, and the rabbit takes a step back. She grins once again then, moving forward to return the kick to Misakichi's chest. Eye for an eye, right?

Misakichi finds her kick connecting better than she'd expected, and unfortunately this led to a miscalculation. She hadn't recovered fast enough to dodge out of the way of this particular kick, though she did manage to shift her body to the side a bit. The attack connects with her upper arm instead of her chest, but the impact sends her reeling across the train's roof. It takes her a moment to recover afterwards, not enough time to counter back. Ouch. Usagi-tan had a lot more power than she'd expected, since she hadn't taken any direct hits before it was hard to measure. Now that she knew, she knew she couldn't let anymore strikes connect with that much force. "You're pretty strong aren't you? Hmm."

"You bet I am!" the little rabbit angel responds with a grin. Just to prove it, she takes a few steps forward, reversing her grip on the carrot so she holds it by the point, offering the stalk out to Misakichi. "Here! Just see how heavy!" ...What is she thinking?! It's the middle of a tournament, and she's offering her weapon to her enemy?! ...Does this rabbit /have/ a brain? Still, if the other angel actually takes the offered carrot, she'll probably be nearly flattened by its wonder Usagi-tan isn't always the quickest on the layer, lugging that thing around.

Misakichi blinks at the offered carrot, and shakes her head with a bit of a grin. "Ah, no. I think I'll pass on that. I'm not all that strong as you've probably noticed." She remains composed where she is, watching and waiting for the next move. It's not that she suspected a trap or anything, it's just, well, with the force of that last kick it was quite obvious that whatever that carrot was made of it was probably too heavy for her to lug around. Ryou scratches his head a bit and blinks, "Oi, stop playing around Misakichi. . ."

Miina laughs delighted in her seat, her feet swinging beneath her in the chair since they obviously don't reach the floor of it. "I like your angel," she states decisively, nodding a little. Still, she knows where she is and what they have to do. Back on the layer, Usagi-tan nods as well and flips her weapon back around. "Alright then. I don't like doing this, but..." She jumps first back slightly, then launches herself forwards and brings that weapon down hard at Misakichi's head. In her own mind, it's a good thing...if she can knock her unconscious without hurting her too much, then...that's better than beating each other to a pulp, right? Right?

Ryou seems perplexed by Miina's comment and blinks before shrugging his shoulders. He supposed a girl would like an angel like that wouldn't they? "Your angel is pretty strong." That wasn't quite a proper answer, and was sort of indirect really wasn't it? Misakichi grins a bit, "Oh, don't worry about that." When the attack comes in she slides in and under the carrot so that it misses completely. As she begins to rise she sends a rather plain looking karate chop at Usagi-tan. That was a rather unimaginative attack.

Usagi-tan shifts rather easily to the side of the attack, not seeming surprised in the least by the quick little girl's dodge. She shifts her grip on her weapon, holding it at both ends horizontally, and crouches a bit. She pushes up hard off the roof of the train, trying to catch Misakichi under the chin with it and maybe knock her off the layer. She still doesn't want to hurt the girl, and instead keeps trying to simply disable her in other ways...though, this could still hurt.

In the audience, you hear a male voice shouting, "Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Usagi-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!" A few old geezers whistle at Miina's angel, cheering on for her in their own perverted ways... is one of them bleeding from his nose? "Yooohooo!"

Misakichi notes the lack of a hit when Usagi-tan moves out of the way, she expected as much really. Still she recovers fast enough to tip her head back and lift both hands crossed over eachother so that they meet with the tip of the carrot instead of her chin. She is raising them up at the same rate the carrot goes while pushing off in a jump of her own, assisted by the power of the bunny-girl's attack. She seems to be flipping over the carrot, though she pauses a moment at the apex and to all those watching it should look rather strange. She continues to flip over the carrot after the pause and comes sliding down along the object with a foot extended out towards Usagi-tan's face. "Oooo, nice try."

The rabbit's quick enough to lower her weapon as Misakichi's acrobatics give her opportunity, and by doing so she makes the kick hit low, her chest rather than her head. She gives the carrot a good shake and yanks it back away from Misakichi, then jumps back a few times. Looking over her shoulder, she jumps once more, onto another of the train cars. She really doesn't want to hurt this angel, and so she continues to hesitate.

Misakichi's foot makes contact, though not where she'd intended. Oh well, a hit is a hit right? And then the carrot is shaken pretty hard to send her tumbling off of it and towards the train car below. She lands easily enough, but takes a step or two back to steady herself. The train's speed had picked up pace throughout the match. She blinks a bit and looks over towards Usagi-tan with a small grin before settling into a defensive posture. If Usagi-tan wasn't going to attack again just yet, she'll take a break and get used to the speed of her nice little mobile floor.

Usagi-tan returns the smile, making some show of settling herself defensively as well. It's a farce, of course, and both of the angels know it even if no one else does. The rabbit doesn't want to hurt Misakichi, and she's fairly certain that Misakichi doesn't really want to hurt her, either. There's no way for a match to be tied, however, and since this is the final round and Miina already knows she's not going to win the thing, there isn't any point in pushing the rabbit to do something neither of them want to do. And so, she remains set in that defensive stance, despite knowing that the other angel wouldn't attack. Why bother, really? If she stays out of range, she's won.

Ryou peers up at the scoreboard, and notes that he'll win if the timer runs out. Normally he'd be all for a headon attack against his opponent despite that fact, but at the same time he had a strange feeling that the bunny-angel might've had a trick up her sleeve that could cost him victory. He sighs a bit and shrugs.

Misakichi watches carefully and when it's obvious no attack will come, she nods over towards her opponent and rises up into a casual stance. The timer was about to run out anyway, there wasn't much she or the other angel could do to eachother in such little time. "Looks like it's game over."

With a grin, Usagi-tan nods as the buzzer sounds. She jumps back across to Misakichi and, unless she cares to dodge, pulls the girl into a hug. Miina still grins up there in her chair, seeming not to care in the least that she just lost the final match in what is considered one of the biggest events around.

For some reason, the ever-verbose announcer seems momentarily dumbstruck. It takes him a few seconds after the buzzer sounds to finally recover. "Misakichi...WIN! This is probably one of the strangest matches I've ever witnessed, folks. With the amount of skill that these two angels have shown, and the amount of precision involved in such a dance, the match between Chibi Usagi-tan and Misakichi is one for the books!" ....What?

Ryou blinks and gets a flustered look about him when Usagi-tan hops in to hug Misakichi. "Gah, that's girly!" He frowns a bit as well, but Misakichi doesn't really move, only blinks as she is embraced. She snickers a little and nods, "Good fight, Usagi-tan." The angel's personality was obviously a bit different than her deus, but that's to be expected considering who it was modeled after right? Ryou begins lowering his chair with a sigh, watching the happenings on the layer with an indignant look.

Usagi, still grinning happily, nods once again. "You too, Misakichi," she returns, then goes bounding off across the layer to be picked up by her deus. After Miina stands up from her chair, holding the little rabbit in her arms as she had when they came down to the layer, she notices Ryou's expression and impishly sticks her tongue out at him. It's obviously not meant in a mean way, just lightly teasing him for being such a boy.

Misakichi nods and makes her way over towards Ryou, grinning a bit as he picks her up. He rolls his eyes a bit at the angel and then hops out of the seat. He smirks at Miina's antics and begins making his way towards the exit hallway, offering victory signs and waves out into the crowd. As he gets close enough to Miina to speak he nods, "You're pretty good, for a girl." He might've added, but not good enough, however he had just won and was too happy about it to be his usual self.