Having just been called out to the arena floor by the attendant, Misaki Ryou made his way out into the arena and bright lights with a casual and prideful stride. He was confident, though considering the opponent perhaps that should be over-confident. He makes his way towards his seat, lifting an arm to wave out to the crowd after pushing at the bridge of his fake glasses to adjust them. In his other hand was Misakichi, his instrument of battle. He steps into the egg-shaped lift chair and begins setting up his headset and waiting for the announcer to call for the fall-in.

Ranmaru strides forth with his cape held closely around him. It looks as if the Layer Phantom is cold, but nothing could be further from the truth. As the spotlights find their way to this duel's participants, Ranmaru can feel the heat coming off of the bright lamps. "Hmmm." He hums as he approaches the seat, and finally sits down. The young man lets his eyes wander for a moment through the crowd as if he were trying to find something. Only a few moments later he grabs his visors while still looking up at the crowds and activates it, illuminating his eyes in that red color that was so common with those pieces of equipment.

After both participants took their chairs, they begin to rise up into the air and the Announcer adjusts his microphone to begin speaking once more. "Here they are ladies and gentlemen! In the west corner, we have Misaki Ryou with his angel Misakichi! An odd boy with a recognizable angel indeed, I wonder how they'll perform today!" He then sweeps his arm to indicate Ranmaru. "And in the east corner, with an impressive record so far in this tournament we have the Layer Phantom and his angel, Kamui. Can they keep the pace or did their match with the White Storm break the stride?" He looks intent for a moment, then points down towards the layer, "And the battle field is!" The sceneries flicker randomly through the various ones before pausing on the quaint little forest clearing, with the small marble fountain within it. "The fountain of youth! Perhaps the winner will find eternal youth! Angels Fall-in!"

Ryou grins as the fallin request comes in, and rises to his feet while propping one up on the edge of the egg shaped object. It causes a little jostling, but the boy seems unconcerned. One hand lifts and points over towards Ranmaru after adjusting his glasses again, "Prepare yourself Layer Phantom! Your haunting tyranny ends here, with Misakichi and me!" His other hand then moves to toss the little school-girl angel towards the layer with a spin and a twist. "Bring justice upon the wicked, Misakichi!" She passes into the layer with a golden-white light surrounding her form, which quickly dissipates as she snaps to life. She then flips down towards the grassy clearing below and lands with quite a bit of grace actually, but then she falters and falls back on her butt. Ryou blinks and huffs a bit as he falls back into his chair, that wasn't supposed to happen. Oh well.

"Tyranny? You do realize I lost against miss White Storm, don't you?" The Layer Phantom blinks for a moment while whispering towards himself in respect to Ryou's words. "Ahem... I don't do tyranny." He raises the volume of his voice slightly, trying his best to ignore the announcer's words. He had seen Ryou play before, but never actually had had the pleasure of fighting the youth. "Let's just have fun, shall we?"

Ranmaru's arm disappears underneath his cloak for a short moment and seems to be looking for something. The cloak suddenly dances upwards as Kamui is released from its clothed confines and set to Ranmaru's chest. His fingers wrap around the lithe body of his angel, holding it quite gently. "Illuminate the darkness with your soul of bonds!" He suddenly calls out as his cloak is thrown to the side and Kamui suddenly gets flung towards the layer. "Kamui, show them our light! Fallin!" The black feline angel shoots forth..

It goes head first as it touches the bright light of the layer, immediately forcing itself to open it's crimson red eyes, the rest of it's body following quite quickly. It's fur ruffles violently, an effect created by the velocity it is thrown at! It's limbs seem to twitch for a moment before explosively coming to live. Stretching out completely before making a beautiful double flip forth: finishing by landing perfectly on both knees and one fist, it's other arm set before it's face. It's tail lashes violently for a moment before the angel actually seems to 'bother' to get up and take some paces back to his side of the layer.

Kamui's head cocks slightly to the left, one of its lips tilting to reveal one single tooth, portraying a smug look towards his strange opponent. He then raises his right hand and wipes his thumb past his lips, and keeps standing like that while his eyes slowly trail towards his opponent's deus. His eyes suddenly flash in a red hue that almost makes Ranmaru's angel look demonic, and they stare straight at Ryou! "Nyo!" It lets out a meow.

Well it was true that Ranmaru had lost to Mikage, and he wasn't exactly a tyrant either. So where exactly did Ryou acquire his misconceptions? It was probably best that no one know that. He leans forward in his seat as he tilts it ever so slightly to get a better look at things, one hand pressed along the edge to brace himself. He peers straight into Kamui's glowy eyes and points with his free hand. "Don't look so smug, you haven't won yet!" With that he peers towards Misakichi, who was sitting with both hands pressed to the ground behind her, having yet to actually get up. She then takes a long moment to do so, giving up any potential advantage she might have had by starting the fight.

The fact that Kamui had won a response from his opponent only made the feline's smirk grow. "Angelic FIGHT-O!" Ranmaru nods as these words sound throughout the arena and lets out somewhat of a sigh. "Come on, you get to have the first attack of this game. Lets see how well your angel lives up to its name, shall we?"

Ryou looks up towards Ranmaru and then grins, "Alright, let's go Misakichi! Attack him!" He meant Kamui of course, there's no way she could actually reach Ranmaru from here. On the layer, Misakichi blinks as she dusts herself off a bit, then looks towards Kamui with a bit of a smile. She was going first huh? She crouches a little and then darts off towards the feline, hopping up along the ridge of the fountain and then jumping high into the air from there. She flips once and extends her leg out, attempting to land her heel upon the kitty's head while landing. Oh, she was pretty fast. Probably about as fast as he was really.

Yes, speed would be an important factor between these two deuses. Kamui dashes far away from Misakichi even as she jumps into the and and flips forth. And by the time she lands, Kamui is already on his way to get behind her, in attempt to throw a hooking kick to draw her closer to him, after which he'd throw a simple fist at her head.

As soon as she lands, and finds her opponent to not be where he was supposed to be she knows it's time to move. Her body turns into a spin as her head shifts to the side causing the attack to pass by without making an impact. While coming around she lifts her knee swiftly in an attempt to plant it into Kamui's gut, hoping that the speed and closeness is enough to catch him off guard.

Catching Kamui off guard is a trait not many people were able to find in him, even though he was a feline. But then, nobody has yet to summon up a big yarnball. Odd, ain't it? The feline does a backflip and gets away from the attack just in time and after pushing himself off with his hands, he lands perfectly on one foot on the tip of the fountain, and begins to do little dances on his one foot like a ballerina.

Misakichi had shoved all her weight into that kick, and when it missed she lurched forward a bit. Her foot hits the grass and then slides out in front of her, causing her to fall into a split and blink a few times in confusion. It takes her a moment to recover from this and get back to her feet afterwards, meaning she doesn't really have time to go on the offensive just yet.

Kamui seems quite content in dancing on the fountain a little longer, but Ranmaru realized that he was going to have to go on the attack were he to win this battle. However, Ranmaru was going to let Ryou have one more try at a good attack before he'd do this. He believes himself to have already won.

Ryou peers down at the layer and narrows his eyes in thought, Kamui wasn't really taking this seriously just yet. He probably should have expected that though. Misakichi dusts herself off after recovering from her fall, and then lunges in towards the fountain, though on the opposite side of where the kitty was. Darting along the rim she comes around from the front and kicks at the water with her foot, sending a bit of it flying his way. The idea was that kitties don't like to get wet, right? She follows through the water with a punch out towards his face as well.

Using quite a bit of effort to manage this, Misakichi actually steps into the fountain to get out of the way of the attack. Luckily it wasn't a bottomless one, or she might have been in trouble right? She grabs at Kamui's feet in an attempt to latch onto them, and if successful she'll try to yank him in such a manner as to try to smack his head against the side of the fountain.

"Wow! She got him! Misakichi got a hold of Kamui!" Indeed she did. The feline drops down from the fountain and lands square with its head in the lowest basin of the piece of art. This particular situation seems to draw a chuckle from Ranmaru, as he watches his lifemeter drop an awful lot. "Oye.." He mutters and shakes his head, turning his attention back to the layer, and he's just in time. Just in time to see his angel get back up from his somewhat compromising position, seeing as his ass was sticking up in the air, and throw a violent series of punches at the female opponent.

Kamui however has no plans to stay still. It would appear that the feline is quite pissed at having been hit, and a relentless attack of flat-hand strikes aimed at Misakichi's lower belly.

Ryou blinks as the attack connects and sends Kamui smashing into the lower basin, he hadn't actually expected the attack to hit to be honest so he was surprised. As if in unison, Misakichi blinks and stares blankly at the fallen Kamui as well her expression somewhat matching that of her deus. It was enough to allow the next attack to catch her a bit off-guard, unable to move out of the way she attempts to shift her body with each attack, allowing them to graze her and cause damage, but as little as possible with the defense she has available. Still the lifebar drops more than Ryou would have liked. She spends all of her time defending and trying to plan a counter attack, but none comes.

Kamui however has no plans to stay still. It would appear that the feline is quite pissed at having been hit, and a relentless attack of flat-hand strikes aimed at Misakichi's lower belly.

The speed of Kamui's last attack was too much for her to avoid, but as the attack shifts to the palm strikes she starts backing away, just enough to avoid each blow. It takes some effort, and if she wasn't careful she could trip and. . . fall. Well exactly that happens, as she nears the edge of the pool of water in the fountain where she'd been standing, she trips over the edge and begins falling backwards. As a result both of her feet kick up at Kamui's chin without her even realizing it! Both hands to towards the ground to stop her from smashing her own head, thankfully. Whether she hits or misses, she ends up tumbling over the edge and rolling into a low crouching position on the grassy surface near the fountain. Whoops.

Kamui throws himself straight forward at her, allowing him to jump over her and land behind her when he finally comes down. "Nya!" It lets out an 'umph' sound and quickly gets back on its feet, turning around and in hope of catching her off guard, he throws a few kicks as well as punches at her, quite well aimed ones at that, especially for Kamui.

Well that wasn't good! Misakichi had just barely recovered and Kamui was still on the prowl and attacking again already! His leap out behind her and sudden barrage of attacks almost caught her completely off-balance, but she had shifted into a spin and rolled backwards/to the side and away from the blows. This movement took a lot of effort and it seems she doesn't have time to counter with an attack of her own, yet again. Kamui's relentless assaults were proving to be troublesome. She couldn't really afford to stay on the defensive for the whole fight. She rolls up into a crouch and remains there, lowered and watching the kitty warily.

Ranmaru wasn't about to give his opponent the chance to recover. His led his angel to keep on attacking, one swipe after the other, each aimed at the female's legs, trying to knock her off balance, after which he'd be more able to pull something devastating.

Well this wasn't good! He was going for her legs, and she manages to shift and dodge the blows just barely in time to avoid getting damage. She was pretty fast, but so was he and it was getting really difficult to avoid his attacks. After one attack passes quickly by her leg she shoots a fist out towards Kamui's head. It was a shot aimed at buying time really, she had to interrupt his flow before she was stuck completely on the defensive. That was never a good place to be.

Kamui ducks out of the way, rolling to the side and tries his best to make his way around her to throw a nasty kick at her back. It was simply meant to knock her down onto the floor however, and not that damaging. The thing he would do afterwards however, could be quite vicious were she not to get away, as he was planning to jump onto her and rake his claws over her.

Crud, Kamui was just too fast for that to have worked wasn't he? Misakichi follows through with the attack and then just bursts into a fast run forwards and away from Kamui. She knew he was closing in behind her at that moment and had to get away, there was some sort of feeling, a bad intent, that would have sent a chill down her spine if she were human. For now she just focuses on escape, ducking into a roll once she'd gained some distance and coming up from it facing towards where she'd left the kitty. There was too much distance to launch an attack right now, and she wasn't really thinking about that either. Survival instinct had kicked in.

Kamui wasn't about to let his pray run away on him! He keeps running after her in attempt to catch up, and when he believes to have gotten close enough, he jumps into the air for a short distance and slides over the ground, trying to sweep the legs from underneath his opponent.

The slide-kick manages to take Misakichi off her feet, but she manages to roll with the impact along the ground to mitigate most of the damage that would be caused. While down there she twists into a spin on her back, and snaps a kick out towards Kamui in retaliation before pushing back up into a crouch.

The snap almost glances the feline, but does not quite touch on him. Kamui had moved to the left and balances over the floor on one hand, and uses that position to throw a flying kick at his opponent, trying to possibly knock her off of the layer.

From her crouched position, Misakichi narrows her eyes slightly as she watches Kamui's flying kick come in. With a great amount of force and effort she pushes her self up into a high jump, twirling and twisting about in the air before shifting and coming down with an extended leg. Her target for landing was Kamui, wherever he'd managed to get to after that flying kick.

Kamui however is quite able to 'not' land where people expect him to. As it looks he might come down near the fountain, he suddenly sways to the side and lands on the floor next to it on his two hands and throws a circle-kick at his opponent... but looks quite worn down for some reason.

Misakchi lands hard in the grass where Kamui is not. She missed again, blast it! She blinks as she turns her head just in time to see the attack coming and she ducks low under it just in time to avoid the blow. While down there her arm draws back as her hand balls into a fist and she comes up with an uppercut towards Kamui's jaw, hoping to catch him off guard with the attack. Not likely, but it was worth a shot.

Kamui looks extremely tired and worn and slowly wanders away from his opponent, getting around to the other side of the fountain and making sure it remains between the two of them. And when that's finally done, he plunges into the water and simply sits down in it.

Misakichi blinks as her attack misses and the kitty wanders off to take a dip in the water. Her head tilts slightly and she seems a bit confused. Was he giving up? Well it would be wrong to attack someone that wasn't going to fight back right? So she just sits down in the grass and stares blankly at the fountain, watching for any sign of movement that he might change his mind and come out after her.

Nothing of the sorts is going to happen, it appears. Kamui just sits there, sulking a little in the water. It were as if he were waiting for something. In the meantime however, he proceeds to clean himself.

And the buzzer goes. "Lost his will." Ranmaru states, shrugging a little bit. "I guess we lost our touch after our loss against miss Mikage. Oh well." The announcer jumps and almost falls off of his chair. "MISAKICHI! WIN!" In all honesty, the young man had not expected to lose this battle, but it did not sadden him. "Till next time." Is all the layer phantom says as he retrieves his angel and the seat-lift takes him down to the main floor.

Ryou blinks as the match is called, and looks up towards the scoreboard. He won? He blinks. How did that happen. "I won. . ." His head tilts as he rises up and pumps his fist with a big grin, recovering from the shock. "I mean, of course i won! Hahaha!" Lowers his chair to retrieve his angel and then rushes off towards the hallway afterwards.