After his last round, more of the fans have certainly been giving the aspiring angel designer and engineer more attention as he tries enter the waiting room from the large door leading from the foyer, shoving through some fans as he slips through the door and closes it behind him to block off the fans. He let's out a deep sigh and looks around the room momentarily, checking out the other Deuses as he pushes off the door and moves over to an empty end of the bench to take a seat, glancing up at the monitor just as one of the matches comes to an end as the announcer declares the winner and the two Deuses head into the waiting room again.

Kukai is wearing his one-piece work uniform over his regular clothes now, he has a few grease and oil stains in various places. His hands still seem dirty by appearance by at least nothing he touches is turning black. He has his duffel-bag with him, he sets it down on the floor and slides it under the bench where he is at. The crowd still cheering and going wild after the last match, as the noise trickles through the hallway it's quite dulled down tenfold before it reaches the waiting room, making it a little more bearable to the ears. The mechanic sits there in wait for his match.

"Hmm." Ranmaru, better known during this tournament as the Layer Phantom, is still dressed in his black getup, including the white mask and the cape. He sits near the exit to the tournament arena and is looking quiet intently at Kukai as he enters the door. He knows who he is about to be up against, but what he is thinking is a mystery. After all, it is impossible to read anything from his face with the cover that is granted by the white mask on his face. "Morimoto-kun, am I right?" His voice is calm and kind as he inquires about the name of the one whom had only just entered the room.

The mechanic lifts his head, gazing toward the masked and caped Deus quizzically, he then nods his head. "Yeah, that'd be me. No autographs. Sorry." Since Kukai was running a bit late, he wasn't sure who his next opponent was going to be, so he was kind of in the dark about who he was facing, but it didn't really matter much to Kukai believe it or not. He was more or less worried about being 'discovered' by possible future employers, glancing toward the tunnel for a moment before he looks down at his bag, and then up to the monitor as the time for his match draws nearer, he reaches down to pull out his duffel bag and tugging the zipper open he reaches in to pull out his custom visor and that monstrous angel, Reskai.

"Autographs?" Ranmaru blinks for a few times. He had not heard much about this person at all, but keeps his mouth shut as he believes that to be the polite thing to do. "Hmm-Hmm. No need for autographs. Anyway, it would appear that we~..." He could not finish the sentence before there was a loud sound over the television that showed the layer arena.

On the wall monitor, The announcer shouts out! "Will the next contestants, the Layer Phantom and Morimoto Kukai please come out to the arena!?"

"It would appear we are needed. Shall we then?" The young man in black stands up and begins to make his way out to the tunnel that leads out. The attendant that came to get them gives Ranmaru a somewhat surprised look as he passes by and raises a hand for a moment, but lowers it again as he disappears further into the tunnel.

The aspiring angel designer and engineer also walks right on by the attendant as he moves toward his side of the layer and then plugs in his 'Viper Visor', turning it on and then sliding it on over his head as he looks across the layer at his opponent. "It might be a little bold, but .. announcer, we're going to win, I want everybody to know my prediction. This so called layer phantom is about to meet the layer demon.. I hope your not all just show, Mr. Layer Phantom guy, cause if your not, you'd best brace yourself to go down in a blaze of glory." Oh yeah, he's trying to get inside of his opponent's head like usual, that and trying to get into the mindset needed to better relate to his own angel for the match. Evil is as evil does apparently.

"... We'll see." Is all Ranmaru replies after arriving to his own seat and sitting down in it. "We'll see." He repeats those words and closes his eyes for a moment. "Shall we then?" He wraps his cloak closely around him as if he were cold and waits as the announcer begins. "A bold statement ladies and gentlemen! Morimoto-san has just predicted that he will defeat the Layer Phantom, who has a perfect record of wins until this moment! We'll see what this battle has in store for us..." The crane that carries the announcer man takes him further up into the air as the contestands both also move up to the height of the layer.

"Very well people, its a bit late, but let me announce this morning's contestants! On the west-o side, the Layer Phantom! This mysterious player has been seen making layers act straaaangely while he's playing on them, and his angel surely isn't something to laugh about either. Though he is a speed angel, he's been seen surviving things that some guard angels would have trouble against!..." And then the spotlight turns onto Kukai.

"And on the east-o side! Its Morimoto Kukai~! His large angel has turned the tides many times, and its snake-like looks surely are a strange thing to behold. He also has repaired quite some things in his life... just be careful not to anger him, his angel will crush you!"

Music begins to play and the layer powers up. "Okay deusses, connect your visors and fallin. As you will be fighting..." A large building suddenly crashes upwards into the air out of nowhere. "THE TOWER! With its few places to rest, these angels will have to be careful. Because... just one wrong move, and they will plummet to an early Layer Out!"

Red shades come down before his eyes and a reddish hue appears from the outlines of the mask. Ranmaru's arm disappears underneath his cloak for a short moment and seems to be looking for something. The cloak suddenly dances upwards as Kamui is released from its clothed confines and set to Ranmaru's chest. His fingers wrap around the lithe body of his angel, holding it quite gently. "Illuminate the darkness with your soul of bonds!" He suddenly calls out as his cloak is thrown to the side and Kamui suddenly gets flung towards the layer. "Kamui, show them our light! Fallin!" The black feline angel shoots forth...

It goes head first as it touches the bright light of the layer, immediately forcing itself to open it's crimson red eyes, the rest of it's body following quite quickly. It's fur ruffles violently, an effect created by the velocity it is thrown at! It's limbs seem to twitch for a moment before explosively coming to live. Stretching out completely before making a beautiful double flip forth: finishing by landing perfectly on both knees and one fist, it's other arm set before it's face. It's tail lashes violently for a moment before the angel actually seems to 'bother' to get up and take some paces back to his side of the layer.

Kamui's head cocks slightly to the left, one of its lips tilting to reveal one single tooth, portraying a smug look towards his strange opponent. He then raises his right hand and wipes his thumb past his lips, and keeps standing like that while his eyes slowly trail towards his opponent's deus. His eyes suddenly flash in a red hue that almost makes Ranmaru's angel look demonic, and they stare straight at Kukai! "Nyo!" It lets out a meow.

Kukai narrows his eyes on the 'phantom and his angel and then grins sheepishly. He lifts both arms, hefting that large angel up over the edge of the layer and simply states,"Lights huh? Well.. Reskai, give them a reason to be afraid of the dark! Fallin!" And then he releases... \

That massive angel falls to the base of the tower on one of the more larger platforms, it passes through the barrier but it doesn't react or awaken until it lands on the layer then it's beady little black eyes open and it hisses and squeals irritably. It lifts that pincer and starts to snap it's elongated claws together menacingly as it's tail slides around one of the structural beams of the tower. It finally begins to look around, noting the announcer then the Deus and then finally it's beady little eyes lock onto Kamui and it's unusual mouth begins to twist, muscles pull in odd ways, like a sideways smile.. is it grinning at them? It then opens it's maw, it's mouth like a Venus fly trap as it opens horizontally instead of vertically displaying those sharp fangs along with some indistinguishable liquids dripping from them that is definitely not drool and then it let's out another high-pitched squeal trying to intimidate it's opponent however effective that might be. The massive size of the snake is mostly due to it's huge tail that can more than likely span the distance between both sides of the layer if stretched at full length, but it's hard to tell when until it is actually extended or outstretched. It rises up to about two stories of the tower easily, it could go a little higher if he desired to do such.

However, the demon snake does not do anything this time to start the match, instead it turns it's head as though it doesn't want to give Kamui the time of day. Kukai leans forward in his seat as he notices his angel's reaction and then sighs and flops backwards into his seat again. "Well, I suppose now is as good a time to start.... let's do this... Annnngggeeellliiiccc Fiiiighttt!" The mechanic leans back, analyzing the opponent from afar, already making nasty evil plans for their opponent...

"Kamui, it appears we'll need to pretend being a mongoose today." The Layer Phantom jokes and gives the opposing angel an interested look. "Hmm." He rubs his chin and then smirks. "Either way, we're at an advantage here Kamui. Lets wear him out a bit." And with that his angel quickly darts straight down past the tower and at the last moment makes a jump for one of the pillars which Reskai is using to hold onto the tower, in attempt to break it and unbalance his opponent.

Reskai certainly likes to toy with his opponents that's for certain, letting them think they can take advantage of the over-built demon snake but he's much faster than he looks despite his size. The snake slithers up along the tower, spiraling along the beams to avoid the attack, it then grabs a hold of a beam and whips out it's body, swinging sideways out from the tower as it extends it's massive tail whipping across the layer, in a bow-like shape until it snaps forth at Kamui, whether it hits or not the tail will likely end up wrapping around the tower again and certainly shakes the tower as it impacts with much force capable of weakening the tower's structure, if it were real, which it kind of is at the moment...

"Hehe." Ranmaru just smiles as Kamui's attack misses. "Keep on going, Kamui." He states and lets his angel do his own thing for a moment. On the layer, the feline darts straight past Reskai's tail by means of swinging along the beams and getting further up on the inside. The entire attack that was aimed at Kamui did nothing but indeed shake the tower. "Ohaaa! Look, the tower just lost some beams people!" It was true, some of the beams had been disturbed and two pairs actually fell downwards into the direction of Reskai from the top. Kamui moves along the existing tower and somehow manages to jump onto one of those beams and use it to propel himself downwards, straight at his opponent, in attempt to do some serious damage.

The monstrous angel has to exhaust itself a bit to escape the falling tower beams and the attack of the cat angel, but it manages to do so but not without a price of course. The snake hisses again, using the tower as some sort of, jungle gym or monkey bars as it swings from one beam to the next and they slowly make their way up toward the top of the tower, whether intentional or not. Reskai's tail twists and slides through the tower beams, as the angel weaves through the structure before it circles back toward Kamui with a clenched fist as it aims to give the smaller angel a bit of a flick with it's fist to try and knock it off the tower and possibly off the layer as well.

Kamui is not one to just sit still. He just darts straight back to the tower and stays far away from Reskai's reaches, disabling him from having a good shot at hitting him. Using those beams to force the opponent from hitting him seems to work quite well. Ranmaru grins, it would appear he had come up with a plan. He sends his angel all the way to the top of the tower and lets him stop there.

Kukai just sits there in a contemplative pose, his chin resting on his closed fist as he leans to one side of the chair slightly, watching the match. He seems a little more relaxed today than he was with the first two rounds of the tournament. Reskai starts to slither up along the side of the tower, spiraling around one of the beams until it gets close enough to Kamui to throw a quick jab at the speedy little cat, the monstrous angel seems capable of keeping pace with it's opponent.. at least for now.

Another attack that was skillfully dodged by Reskai's opponent, or... not? The angel takes the hit straight on but does not even flinch a tiny bit. Kamui seems to stick out his tongue, even though angels don't really have tongues, turns about and wags his bum at the large snakelike angel. "Nyaaaaaaa! Plweeeeeeeeeeh." It taunts. His counter indeed had not lowered by much. "You are not going to win with such lack-luster attacks." Ranmaru states calmly, as if he were trying to help Reskai. In the meantime, his angel suddenly jumps at Reskai's chest with its claws out, about to simply latch on and kick-scratch him!

Reskai takes the claw attack dead on! The monstrous angel squeals but it manages to cling to the tower with it's pincer to avoid being knocked off. The massive tail is quickly lifted upward as the snake aims to entrap the cat in it to slow it's momentum down if at least a little bit in retaliation, it has a lot of it's own nastiness, but this type of attack is most troublesome if it can manage to capture it's opponent. Kukai knows that Reskai probably won't be able to get a hold of the smaller angel quite yet but that doesn't stop the monstrous snake from trying, seeing as how the cat is beginning to mock it, it certainly doesn't like being mocked so it lashes out wildly and aggressively.

With the feline facing away from Reskai, it takes a little bit more effort to get away from the attack. But that does not change the fact that Reskai at no time laid a hand on him. Kamui just moves further up into the tower and taunts his opponent once again. "Nya-nya-nya-nyaaaa-nyaaa." He smirks and seems to fake-look at an invisible watch on his arm while tapping his foot. "I'm waaaaitiiiing." It would appear his deus quoted something through his angel. However, the 'waiting' did not really occur much, as Kamui flies straight down at Reskai again, this time with an even more violent attack. It simply comes down at high velocity, moving left and right with its claws, quite intent on mowing straight through his opponent.

Reskai just falls backwards now, it's tail having wrapped around the top of the tower after it's last attack so it gave it the ability to hang there upside down, narrowly avoiding the missile attack of Kamui. As the cat flies by, the snake grabs a hold of the nearest beam and unwraps it's tail from the tower and flips around, swinging that huge tail down behind the cat. Batter batter SWING! That tail comes in with full velocity, more intent on landing a hit than doing a lot of damage, the snake tries for a home run in one shot, to try and knock the other angel off the layer if it can.

Swing! Strike one! Swing! Strike two! Swing, STRIKE three, YOU'RE OUT! No hit for Reskai this time either, Kamui seems to be quite the little speed demon, that just hops from beam to beam like a little monkey. It moves left and right until it reaches a beam that allows for a lot of movement about it, uses it as a swinging pole and throws himself at his opponent with its feet stretched out and its claws ready to knock his opponent in the head.

Reskai swings around and gets it's tail entangled about the layer again, but manages to avoid the cat's attack once more with a little bit of difficulty as it turns it's attention to it's tail as it tries to get it free from the tower beam as it's bent down around it's tail after that impact, it didn't manage to break all the way through instead pinching down on the snake's tail and momentarily trapping it and it when it turns to go after Kamui the cat is out of reach. It just continues to pull and try to free itself as it swipes wildly in the air at the cat angel with non-threatening attacks, like a mad dog on a leash.

"Hahaha!" Ranmaru chuckles. "It got caught. Well this is certainly amusing. Like a bow-wow." The announcer decides he has a say too. "Ah! Morimoto's angel is stuck to the beams!" Kamui rushes straight his his opponent, seeing his chance and tries to kick his opponent in the face for a second time. If he succeeds, perhaps he can knock his opponent loose and make him fall into the abyss.

Surprisingly capable of supporting itself with it's tail, it is after all the strongest appendage the snake has as Reskai easily slides to the side to avoid the kick to the head, but uses the opportunity to lunge forward to try and bite Kamui as it gets too close. The snake opening that maw as it swings to one side and then quickly moves back in for the strike, aiming to sink some fangs into the cat.

Again a miss. The feline is able to grab a beam it comes by to get to the side quickly and get out of the way of the attack. "Nya-nya." It taunts again. "So far, Morimoto has had a hard time laying a hand on Kamui, and it seems like his own angel is getting tired!" The announcer comments. Ranmaru simply nods and looks away from Kukai while his angel performs the exact same attack that it did last time, however this time aimed at the beam that his opponent's tail was bound to.

Unsuspectingly, to both sides of the layer the snake comes free just before Kamui can try and knock the snake lose and make it fall, the snake does so itself as it whips around to snap at Kamui and ends up flying right by it, it then lashes out it's tail one last time at Kamui to try and save itself or at least to drag it's opponent down with it before it falls off the tower.

No such luck it would appear. Reskai's attack is unable to hit anything. That is, not before Kamui actually counter-attacks. The angel catches the tail between two claws and then kicks them away in a vertical spin that sends him back to the layer. "Hmmm, it would appear the win is mine, mister Morimoto. Too bad." The Layer Phantom smiles and gives a little shrug. "Maybe next time."

Instead of falling off the layer, Kamui's attack changes Reskai's destination as for a moment, everything seemed to be going in slow motion just for a moment until finally the snake just straight drops to the base of the tower and to the layer's surface, letting out a high-pitched squeal and hiss as it falls just before landing with a thud at the bottom. The layer's gravity effects a little increased from the assuming proportional height depicted by the 'Tower' or some such, making the monstrous angel's fall hurt a little more than one would suspect, that and from the spinning velocity as it flips around and lands flat on it's stomach, face first into the dirt sort to speak and then it's life-bar drops to zero and the buzzer sounds! Kukai sighs and shakes his head,"Ah well, we tried." The mechanic pushes out of his seat and to his feet, he reaches in to retrieve his angel, scraping the splattered Reskai off the layer. "Indeed, next time." Kukai grins widely, showing a little of that arrogance as like before the match and he nods his head respectfully to Ranmaru and then unplugs his headset and moves off toward the tunnel exit.

"Kamui! WIN!" The announcer calls out as the layer dies out. "Indeed." The seats slowly lower and the crowd starts cheering. The layer phantom had already retrieved his angel from the layer and settled it underneath his cloak. And when the seats settled at the ground level, he gets up and soon makes his way back to the waiting room. No more duels for him for a while now, so he could finally take a load off.