Today, Kyousuke has decided to show up on time for his match, having no reason to pull a stunt like he had done with Seishiro. His opponent today is someone he doesn't know after all. It would be rude to keep her waiting like that, especially since there isn't any significance to an act like that. So now the boy sits in the seiza position on the floor of the waiting room, meditating quietly as he's been doing before every other match. The serene look is spoiled however, for on top of his head sits a pair of fluffy bunny ears that he had forgotten to remove.

As she's been trying to do for her matches to remove as much anxiety from the matches as she can, Hama only slips into the waiting room a few minutes before her match is scheduled to start instead of waiting like most of the others. She takes a quick glance around before slipping onto one of the more open benches and opening her bag. What she's looking for is immediately obvious, if it couldn't be guessed, as her gargoyle like angel is removed in favor of a place on her lap for the last few minutes before they start. She's slightly amused to see the guy with the bunny ears however, odd people are normal from what she's seen, but those bunny ears top what she's seen so far... not that that says much.

Kyousuke, thanking his experience in Kendo tournaments, is not as anxious about his matches as some of the other deus' are. That doesn't mean anxiety isn't there though. His tournaments weren't attended by as many people as there are in the stands for a tournament like this one. Meditation is enough to quell them though, and he's found that after three matches, and especially after pulling a stunt like he had in his last match, there's much less anxiety than what he had felt in the earlier rounds. Soon after his opponent walks in he opens his eyes and looks over to her. "Heya," he says. "Guess you're my next opponent, huh?"

Hama blinks for a second, she nods then and smiles, "I guess I am. Mitsunaka Hama, but I'm sure you knew that already." She blinks once more and then points at his head, "If you don't mind me asking, why are you wearing rabbit ears? Do you have a bunny like angel or something?" She thinks for a second, "I only remember seeing one rabbit angel in the tournament so far, and that's ... a girl's... she has a bunny backpack but I don't remember her name. We only met once in the park."

Kyousuke just grins. "And as you probably know, I'm Sakamoto Kyousuke," he replies. "Nice t' meetcha Mitsunaka-han." At the mention of bunny ears, the samurai obsessed boy blinks, then tries looking up. Upon realizing that he can't see the top of his head, he reaches up and feels the ears on his head, then takes them off and scratches his cheek. "Oh... guess I forgot to take em off," he says with a chuckle. "Na, I don't have a bunny angel. I'm just cheerin' for the girl with it. She suggested 'em so I decided to do it."

Now isn't that interesting, he wears them to cheer for a bunny girl here at the tournament, and there's only the one... that she's seen. "I think I know who you're talking about, 'specially since I think there's only one girl with a bunny angel in this whole tournament." She smiles and makes a big show of thinking for a moment, "You think I could get one of those ear band things too?

Kyousuke chuckles. "Sure, if yer cheerin' for Miina-han then you can even have this one if ya want," he says, offering the one he had been wearing to Hama. "I bought a couple o' extra ones in case anyone wanted to join me in cheerin' for her. I just don't have 'em with me right now."

Hearing the name of someone does sort of jog one's memory, so when she hears it she nods and smiles, "Yeah, that's the girl I met in the park. I don't know why I couldn't remember her name though." She shrugs and accepts the offered ears, taking a moment to stuff them as neatly as possible into her bag without damaging them any. She checks the clock on the wall, "It's about time for our match to start now, so we should prolly make sure we're ready."

Kyousuke gives Hama a thumbs up. "I'm all ready here," he says, pulling Kensei out of his pocket, then straightens out his clothing a little. "Good luck in the match," he adds. After a brief look at the clock on the wall, he gives Hama another grin, then steps out of the waiting room and onto the arena.

Hama waits for only a moment longer before starting down the path herself. When she came in she didn't have much anxiety about the match, but after that little chat with Kyousuke it all seems to have pretty much melted away, how odd. She stops in the shadows of the doorway, a little ways behind Kyousuke. The crowd was extremely loud yet, so the previous match must have been exciting, either that or they aren't making much noise yet and it just seems like more. The lights are already aimed for the doorway so all that's left is for them to head out.

Kyousuke waits for the announcer's introduction before stepping out onto the arena floor. He isn't kept waiting for very long. "Here are they are, the deuses for the next match are about to step out. From the west! The boy with one of the hardest hitting angels in this tournament and who showed up just in time to avoid being disqualified from his last round! Sakamoto... Kyousuke!" the announcer calls out. At that announcement, the boy steps out with a wide grin on his face, then takes his seat and puts on his headset.

The announcer points over at the other chair then, "And his opponent for this match is a small girl with large defenses, Mitsunaka Hama." Her name is spoken and out onto the floor she goes, holding Hogosha lightly in her hands as she hops into the chair. Once comfy she places the angel on her lap and slips on the headset, taking a deep breath to drown out the crowd as she flicks the button to make the wings extend. "Both are first time competitors in this tournament, and both have done surprisingly well so far. Who will win? The powerhouse in the west? Or the wall in the east?"

The layer shifts, changes, and spins like a roulette, and after a short while of that it finally comes to a stop. The area where it comes to a stop is a large field of grass, the mountain ranges viewed in the background as the reach up to lick the sky. The wind blows through, making the knee high grass sway and weave about like a sea of green. "It looks like the grasslands is the place for this showdown. Now entry the angels!"

Kensei grabs Kensei and tosses him onto the layer. "Do not fear death! All you need to do is fight Kensei!" he shouts as the samurai enters the layer. With careful ease the samurai lands on his feet, then turns around to bow to his deus. When that's done, he turns back around and waits for his opponent's arrival, not yet drawing his metal blades.

Finally, a layer that she can get Hogosha on without problems. She lifts him up and speaks up, trying to make sure she's head across the way. "Protector of those in need, Hogosha." And with that she tosses him under hand through the air towards the layer. The barrier shimmers slightly as Hogosha enters, but the stone angel doesn't appear to move as it continues its decent towards the layer. When he hits the grass around it fans out as a wind is created from the force of the landing to, for a very short while, combat the perpetual wind blowing across the plains.

They stare at each other for a moment before the announcer speaks again, "Angelic Fight!" You don't have to say much to start the match, and that's all it took to start the timer going. Hogosha however doesn't appear to be all that interested in the start of the fight just now, more in examining the other angel closely, trying to figure out how it wants to go about breaking the angel so it can return to its nap.

Kensei gives Hogosha a bow as he enters the layer. Then his right hand drops down to the hilt of his katana and he readies himself. For a moment or two, he doesn't move. Then, he suddenly springs forward and closes the distance between the two. As soon as he's close enough, his katana is drawn in a battou jutsu like move and he slashes at the gargoyle-like angel.

The sword clinks against the stone body, scratching the stone a little but leaving no other visible mark that the attack was launched at all. And yet despite that attack Hogosha just stares at the foe, biding its time to attack the opponent back.

Kensei realizes that the announcer's words are rather true. Hogosha really is like a rock. That's going to be annoying. With that in mind, the samurai begins glowing white as he focuses himself for another attack. Then, his left hand drops to his shorter blade, and it's swiped out at the gargoyle in a backhanded slash.

Once again the sword does little more than make a thin little line across the hard stone body where hit. It really can't be good to the blades doing this to them, but it does amuse Hogosha watching him try to hurt it and do nothing. It even decides to hold back and watch the Samurai play more instead of lashing out at it because of how amused it is watching this, isn't that nice?

Amused is it? Perhaps the samurai should give him something nice to be amused about then. Seeing as the shorter blade will most likely be useless in this battle, he just tucks it away, then a white aura, brighter than the one before, springs up around his body. His katana is raised over his head, then brought down at Hogosha with more than enough force to shatter the ground.

Well it looks like Hogosha is harder then the ground, or at least knows how to diffuse the force of the attack through its arms so the blow wasn't all that hard. It still left a surprisingly large gash in the one arm, but the real damage was minor. To test just how bad the supposed damage was, as well as providing a nice whollop to boot, Hogosha lifts its fist and tries to introduce it to Kensei's face.

Kensei pulls his blade back after the heavy impact, watching out carefully for what the gargoyle might do now that he's actually been damaged. He isn't disappointed, and kicks backwards in order to avoid the swing. Hmmmm, at least it seems he's got it in the offensive. Maybe it'll continue to stay on it. The warrior stays back and decides to watch, taking his first break from offense.

Too bad for Kensei he was wrong about it staying on the offensive, as soon as he steps away it relaxes back almost to how it was at the start of the match. The only difference being that at the beginning the arms were wrapped about Hogosha's body and now they're lose and ready. It's clearly waiting for something.

Well, guess there won't be an attack. No matter, he can make his next attack from this distance. The aura that had faded from his previous attack reappears around him, the white glow traveling from his body and soon concentrating itself on the metal blade. Then he slices downwards, ignoring the fact that he is nowhere in range of a proper sword attack. The light that gathered around the blade changes that however, and it flies across the field at Hogosha.

Hogosha doesn't even try to get out of the way. What ever is up with this rock no one can say for certain, but that hit certainly did damage to it. There's a light scorching on the front but that's all that says there even was an attack at all. And even still it doesn't attack back, choosing to wait for just a little bit longer before launching into attacks of it's own.

Kensei's aura fades once again, then he proceeds to stand there and wait. The samurai doesn't feel like pressing his attack just yet either it says. He's done quite a bit of that already, and it seems to have been mostly useless up until now, so it may be better for him to wait for a chance to counter attack.

As the clock ticks down Hogosha finally decides to move again. It looks over at the foe before smiling an evil wicked smile, suddenly one of the arms snaps out towards the foe quickly, not fast enough to make it a hard attack, but enough that it'll hopefully be moderately surprising to the other. If not, oh well.

Kensei doesn't really find the attack surprising at all. The gargoyle was bound to make one some time, and the samurai isn't one who lets down his guard too easily. This doesn't mean he dodges the punch though. Actually, he just takes the punch, then slips in left hand back on his kodachi, acting almost as if he was going to draw it again, but then he instead slashes downwards with his katana.

Kensei ignores the pain as his arm is bitten into, having managed to bring it up in time to prevent something more important from receiving the same sort of treatment. The samurai grunts and tries to pull his arm away, and probably won't make an attack until he is able to free it.

Hogosha gets sorta bored at just holding on about now, and when Hogosha gets bored it looks for ways to make it more interesting, such as punching at the thing that it's got caught in it's mouth. Should it manage to get away, since there will certainly be trying with the punch coming, then there will be more playing.

Kensei shifts his body away from the punch, just enough that it only rocks him slightly. However, dodging is very difficult with his arm trapped in the gargoyle's mouth, and so he forcefully pulls away with a burst of strength, then backs off to recover a little distance away.

Hogosha doesn't pause it's attack for a second. As soon as the little mouse squeezes away from the trap it's on him like a cat. One arm snaps around behind him, while the other comes in from the side, looking to give the mouse a cage to hide in and be loved... with a fist made from stone.

It seems it's Kensei's turn to be on the defensive now. The samurai ducks under the arm that's attempting to trap him in, then continues to dance back. Yet again, he doesn't press his attack, though, judging from the look in his stoic eyes, it seems he may be about to resume his attack.

Hogosha tries that attack once more, but this time it's the hand that circles around behind him that makes the attack, staying a bit lower and using the other arm for little more then distraction, not that it would complain if it smacked the foe with the arm instead.

Kensei once again dances out of reach of the gargoyle, watching his movements carefully as he does so. Then, he leaps into the air over Hogosha's head. As he comes down, he stabs downward at the top of the gargoyle's head.

Making a surprisingly agile move for the beast it is, Hogosha slips out of the way as if on wheels, letting the attack pass harmlessly through the area it was standing. Not one to leave another angel hanging, the sweeping hand comes around again, this time aimed slightly more up towards the head and shoulders

Kensei takes the next hit, this time letting the strike blow him back in order to lessen the damage. Even if it is from a stone hand, the attack doesn't carry too much force behind it, so the samurai doesn't have to worry too much. As soon as his feet touch the ground though... he suddenly blurs. One moment he's falling back, the next he's right in front of Hogosha again, katana raised over his head in a two handed grip. Then the katana is brought down at the gargoyle.

Hogosha's stone hand once again blocks the blade with ease, it seems like the beast hasn't lost it's touch yet. And even with the new attack made by the foe Hogosha attacks yet again, launching a fist right at the opponent's chest, trying to knock them off balance or away. Either works really.

Kensei is once again smacked by the large stone hand, then throws himself back as he's hit to lessen the damage. Fortunately it's not all that bad, and the samurai once again stands. However, he stays off the offense this time around, choosing to regather his focus instead.

Hogosha finally lets up on the attack, looking at the other angel with a sort of satisfaction at all the trouble and pain it's caused the little thing. It keeps its arms free in case the other angel manages to get together enough to attack, but doesn't launch back into the assault itself.

Kensei isn't out of energy just quite yet. No, he has quite a bit more to go. In fact, he has enough energy that his aura from earlier has once again returned. This time it's a little different though. It's not brighter or anything, but the look on his face is more focused, and his eyes are glowing as well now. Soon, the aura once again wraps around his katana, and in he charges. The katana is brought back, then thrust out towards the gargoyle's chest.

To bad for him that the stone behemoth chose just that time to go into it's equivalent of super saiyan. The place where Kensei attacked is not where the big rock is, or anywhere in front of him however. It's above him, just don't ask how it got there, you probably don't want to know. It uses the strength from its power boost in conjunction with the momentum from falling to hammer down with a fist. If it hits pancakes come to mind without a good defense.

Kensei takes the hit and falls down. For a moment one might think it's even over. Then... the angel stands. Kyousuke's eye flicks up to the timer, then over to the life scores. The match is almost over. He's only got about one more chance to do this. On the layer, the samurai's aura picks up again, but this time turns into a red in color. With a snarl, the normally stoic samurai dashes in, rears his arms back, then unleashes another hard stab at the gargoyle.

Once again Hogosha isn't where the samurai thinks it's going to be. How it can move like that through the grass without wheels is odd, but move like that it can. And again it doesn't attack, nor does it need to. The buzzer times the end of the match and the points show Hama and Hogosha just barely sitting above Kyousuke and Kensei in points.

The announcer takes a quick look at the life bars when the buzzer sounds. Then, with no hesitation he turns his attention back to the match. "Shousha - Mitsunaka Hama!" he shouts to the cheering crowd. With a small sigh, Kyousuke lowers his seat back to the ground, then goes over to Hama and gives her a bow. "Good match," he says, grinning once again.

Hops down out of the chair and bows back. "Thanks. That was a fun fight." She smiles and looks over at the layer. Hogosha comes over, using it's arms to propel it across in great... we'll just call them leaps. Once it gets to the edge Hama picks him and starts off into the waiting room.

Kyousuke nods in response, then reaches over into the layer and pulls Kensei out, and just pockets him... though, he makes sure to sheathe the drawn katana first. After an earlier tournament match, the boy has learned the importance of putting that away. Once his angel is stored, he moves off to the waiting room as well.