The crowd is all pumped up, billions of kids screaming, laughing, making all kinds of chattering noise to say the least. That is, until the announcer speaks, then they all shut up so they can hear what is being said and then immediately after they start right back up. It can be rather... imposing, for a first timer, but for a certain mechanic, well, he's not nervous at all... at least not about that.

The grease-monkey Deus fidgets as he sits there on the bench, awaiting his turn, waiting for his match. It didn't really matter to him much who his opponent was, it just happened to be somebody he didn't know, just his luck really.. facing against a new opponent at the start of the tournament. Well, to say the least, he was ready to give it his best, after all he was trying to stand-out and make an impression on those watching.. well, on those that matter to him anyways, his hopes and dreams were resting on these
tournaments, on how well him and his angel do in them. He needed to stand out.. hopefully in a good way, at least that is what the young man is praying for, or would be if he prayed, but right now he's just making a wish... A wish that all shall go well, nothing against the opposing Deus but his future is on the line and if he can't at least put up a few wins then as far as he is concerned he hasn't a future. No pressure... no pressure at all! Really.. it's just a game after all... just a /game/.

Holding his angel in his hands, staring at it thoughtfully, ALOT is on his mind to say the least. The only words he speaks to his angel are,"Don't let me down." The young man looks like he's about to explode as he sits there fidgeting, if he's not tapping his toes on the floor, he's shaking his leg, if he's not doing that he's moving something else in some other fashion or way. Every time he hears the announcer he lifts his head and looks toward the exit, anxiously awaiting that moment for them to be announced.

The waiting room is full of people waiting to get out and show their stuff, so it isn't much of a surprise to the little girl that she doesn't know any of them when she enters. Yes, she didn't come in at the same time as the rest of them. She did show up in time for it however and saved herself a little trouble by not needing to sit on those benches for long. She keeps her eyes locked on the screen, angel concealed carefully behind her backpack so as not to get stares from any besides those two sitting on either side of her. She's careful to try and keep her nervousness at this being her first real tournament to herself, but it doesn't work very well.

Finally the time comes when the announcer finishes his little speech and lets the place get underway. When the names of her and her opponent get called out she slowly slips to her feet, looking around for the other as she inches her way towards the door to the layer floor. It feels so intimidating knowing that most if not everyone in here with her is older and she can't help but feel that she might have entered a little earlier then she should have.

Hearing the announcement of the next match and his name, Kukai stands to his feet and slips his large angel under his arm and adjusts his shirt, straightening up a bit, as he reaches up and runs his hand back over his head, giving his hair a quick comb over as he steps up to the exit into the arena, he glances over toward the little girl, he simply grins at her a little sheepishly, obviously thinking that this should be easy... but then again, he doesn't know the white haired girl very well so he himself might be surprised. He then turns to look back out into the arena from where they are, he calls out to her, trying to speak over the noise,"Don't worry, the only thing they'll judge you on is how good you do on the layer. That's what we're here for after all isn't it? Good luck to you."

The announcer then boasts,"Competitors please take your seats!" The young man then exits the hallway and into the arena heading for the east corner as he moves to his seat the announcer introduces him,"In the east corner our first competitor is the infamous Morimoto Kukai boasting, officially 9 wins and 18 losses with his angel Reskai! Now this duo definately look like an intimidating pair...."

At that, the young man picks up the visor and slides it on, and then he simply drops his angel onto the layer and watches as the monstrous snake comes to life as per usual, it snaps that pincer together menacingly and hisses, looking around, acting quite fiesty and aggressive to say the least. "Keep your hands and other bodily parts out of the layer, that is one mean looking angel! .... And the second competitor..."

The child nods as she hears the words of the other as he passes her in the hallway. It is just for fun, isn't it? Well that settles it, as nervous as she is still, it's time to get out, have fun, and kick some tail. She strides out into the arena, trying to avoid looking at the who knows how many people there are watching as she gets into her chair. "And in the west corner," the announcer continues, "A first time competitor here and also one of the smallest we've seen in a while, Mitsunaka Hama. Her angel is big, it's slow, and it's made of stone, Hogosha."

She plops her angel on the layer and slips the visor on her face as well, looking over at the large snake she'll be fighting here shortly with a great deal of interest. Hogosha sits there, the announcer blinks once, waiting to see if the stone beast does anything. Given that it doesn't he continues on as normal. "Let this Angelic fight begin!"

The young mechanic looks over the layer with a sour expression on his face, definately not pleased with the scenery that was chosen but he'll go on as though it doesn't phase him and try his best despite the circumstances. Kukai plops down into the chair and turns his attention to his opponent. Despite his words moments earlier the young man calls out across the layer,"You don't stand a chance against us little girl, you shouldn't have came at all, now Reskai is going to devour... erm.." The Deus is silenced as he sees the girl's massive angel dropped down onto the layer, into the quicksand, making a splash even, while his poor snake is slowly succumbing to the quicksand's clutches. Kukai then speaks up again,"Reskai is going to reduce that rock to pebbles."

On the layer, even with the snake's quickness he can't keep that up on a surface like this, the quicksand will surely take it's toll on them so they had best get to work at chipping away Hogoshi as quickly as they can. The demon angel does just that infact, it begins by charging in at the other gigantic angel, the clash of titans more or less as the demon snake pounces on the opposing angel, raising it's clenched fist and aiming to hammer the other angel into the quicksand some more aggressively.

The massive snake and massive rock meet head on, literally. The snake's fist finds the rock's head, and the rock bites. Seems like little Hama didn't pay much attention to all the boasts made at the beginning of the match by the other deus. She's sitting in the chair quietly, watching the layer with some amount of amusement as the health scores drastically change as the match starts. Hogosha is a little less amused and a little more annoyed and being woken up from a nice nap again, Rock needs it's beauty sleep after all. So it lashes out with one of it's long arms, trying to keep Reskai locked in place long enough with it's jaws to inflict a decisive blow on the foe.

Kukai narrows his eyes on the little girl and sighs, he focuses now on the two angels, baring his teeth, looking like he's about to have a vein in his forehead burst.

The giant snake hisses and squeels as it's bitten by the rock, and then it does the next logical thing, like a mature little angel it tries to bite Hogoshi back!

The attack looks good, it's coming in right for Hogosha's body but the snake forgot two important things. Number one, Hogosha still had an arm it could use. Number two, it's stone. As nice an attack as the snake had, it ends the same as most other attacks. Blocked by an arm of stone that takes little or no damage from the attack. Using the blocking arm to try and distract the snake, Hogosha lashes out with the other one again. Much quicker this time as if it was expecting this very thing to happen.

Hogosha may be big, may be a rock, but if anybody is capable of breaking that angel's defense it's certainly Reskai. Struggling somewhat, to keep from sinking into the quicksand, the snake's tail is still pulling down into it, but it uses that to it's advantage as it sneakily snakes that tail underneath the big rock, looking to wrap it around Hogosha and put the /big squeeze/ on it. The monstrous snake a little more reckless than usual, especially considering the circumstances.

Hogosha seems to be a little tighter now, but that's to be expected when you're being wrapped around by a snake as large as Reskai is. It doesn't appear to bother it any, except for the fact that a bit of the
bottom is now quite firmly stuck in the quicksand. Trying to get away from anything on this field isn't going to happen... not that an angel without legs can move really anyway. It seems quite bored with the whole thing, but for some unknown reason decides to hold off for a moment on attacking the foe again. Perhaps it's curiosity at what the snake is going to do next? Who knows.

It seems as though both angels appear to be lacking any offense, perhaps it's because of the quicksand they're slowly sinking into? Again, who knows. Reskai however continues to tie itself up with the giant rock but neither of them really doing anything, but the demon angel seems to be looking to cling to Hogosha to try and keep itself from being swallowed up by the quicksand, this is definitely not a good place for him right now

Hogosha makes some show of trying to get the snake off of it right about now, though from the look of things it's not working very well. Hama doesn't appear to be worried, for that matter she's smiling. She looks up at the other deus, trying to get some clues as to what he may be thinking about as her rock keeps the snake entertained.

Reskai is more worried about trying to keep itself at the surface, that quicksand is really taking it's toll on the snake. It strains to hang on to the giant rock, struggling to stay out of the quicksand, but the than that it really does nothing more.

Kukai on the other hand looks rather ticked off at the moment, one hand clutching the arm of his chair with a death-grip as he watches his angel sink further and further into the quicksand and there's not a thing he can do about it really, nothing neither of them can do except try and finish this match but it appears that their opponent might be a little more difficult to beat than most.

Well, that's it. This has gone on long enough. It's time to give that snake something to think about besides the quicksand. It's all coiled nicely around Hogosha, trying to keep out of the quicksand as much as possible, so convincing it to get off will be the best part.

Hogosha starts getting a reddish-black aura around it, nothing more then a flicker of dark around the edges at first. Then it thickens and swirls, building up until it's like a Maelstrom engulfing the two angels. It builds and swirls, then suddenly condenses into a thin layer coating the stone beast. Not even a moment after that the black explodes into a sea of spikes, showing Reskai not one, but many points to why it should detach itself from the stone horror.

At this point, what happens from here on out will totally amaze and stun the audience. As Hogosha unleashes a seemingly unavoidable, devastating attack, spikes flying every where, the snake unlatches from the rock as it begins to glow and begin it's attack, both Deus and angel knowing that something unpleasant was about to happen and just as it explodes with a multitude of spikes, the snake does seemingly the impossible, not even either Deus can keep up with it's movements very easily as the snake climbs up Hogosha's body and to the top of it's head. Reskai then leaps off of Hogosha as those
spikes are hurled at it, it then makes a quick, clean swipe with it's tail to knock all of the spikes away with lightning speed, one fluid motion to avoid being impaled by any of them. Then while it's in the air it flips around to dive right back down onto the other angel, holding out it's fists as it aims to dive right into Hogosha head-on.

Both of Hogosha's hands shoot up to catch both of the snakes, locking them in what appears to be little more then a shoving match, at least for a little while. Hogosha lets it's arms drop for a slit second, releasing the grip on the snake just in time to come around and smack at it with the back of one of those big stone hands.

As Reskai meets with the rock's hands, it hisses angrily at Hogosha. Then as it's released, the snake comes barreling back down but as Hogosha aims to smack it, but the snake has other plans... suddenly that horizontal maw begins to open as that fist comes flying toward it, it's mouth actually expands wide enough to engulf the rock's hand. That hand does hit, but immediately Hogosha finds himself trying to be devoured by the snake as it latches onto that hand animalistically, wrapping it's tail about the giant
rock's arm to hold onto it.

Kukai on the other hand is distracted momentarily by some fan cheering for him, he looks about paranoidly for a moment, scowling and turning his attention back to the layer again, refocusing on the match at stake.

Well that's kind of annoying. That darn snake is slobbering all over it's arm. That's just got to take forever to get off. Oddly enough Hogosha doesn't try and pull it's arm away however. Perhaps it doesn't realize just how bad being eaten would actually be. Or maybe it's fascinated with the way Reskai looks like a giant tape worm or some such crawling up it's arm.

Reskai just clings to the rock, at least it's avoiding the quicksand for the time being, gotta give it credit for that much. It continues to try and bite down on that hand, trying to sink those fangs into that hard exterior of Hogosha. Both Deus and angel are probably beginning to wonder if this thing will ever crack! A formidable foe, definitely not easy to beat as the mechanic had hoped. "Well, I got to hand it to you, Hama-kun. Your angel is certainly a tough cookie."

Hama smiles, keeping her eye on the match for a moment before looking up at him. "He was made to be a protector for those who needed one," she replies simply. Her gaze watches him for a moment longer before moving back down to the match at hand. The snake probably tasted a few stone flakes
off of that bite, it did hit from both sides at once after all. It's teeth can't feel the best after doing it though. Hogosha seems to decide that having a snake attached to it's arm isn't quite as interesting as it first thought and moves it's other fist around, aiming to smack Reskai right between the eyes and knock the silly thing clear off it's arm.

We stopped posing there as it's right then I had to leave for work and we both just quick finished up. I was going to finish the log but Kukai wasn't on when I got back so I decided an incomplete log is better then no log.