Walking out of the tunnel from the waiting room, several spotlights focus on Fukata, blinding him for a second as he steps into the arena's open area, fans of both deuses and those who just like Angelic Layer making it difficult to hear your own thoughts, but the announcers omni-genki voice booms out across the stadium. "In the West Corner! Veteran Deus Ito Fukata with only one win, versus three losses - he's almost certainly out of the running for the next stage, but can he and his angel Yuki, go out with a big bang in this last match?!" Fukata blinks once or twice as the spotlights stop dazzling him, and turns to grin and waves at the fans, before placing himself in the allocated seat and donning his headset.

Following shortly behind his opponent, the spotilghts turn toward him as Kukai heads out to the layer. The announcer introduces Fukata's opponent,"And in the East Corner! Aspiring angel designer and layer demon, Morimoto Kukai, with two wins and two losses. Can Morimoto keep his hopes alive and come out with a win today to stay in the tournament?! This is going to be an awesome match folks, Fukata with nothing to lose except his pride verses Kukai who has everything to lose including his dreams and hopes! Who will prevail? Who shall be the victory!? We'll find out soon enough folks because this is going to be one fast and furious fight!"

While the announcer is speaking and pumping up the fans, the so called 'evil deus' makes his way to his seat and plops down into the chair, the seats and layer begin to rise off the floor a little ways. Kukai waits patiently for the announcer's instructions as per usual.

"And they'll be fighting on... the field of Roses!" Even the announcer laughs at that one a little bit, the crowd laughs and cheer some more! "Oh yeah! A pretty background for what is sure to be an artistic fight of epic proportions between these two Speedy competitors! .. Deuses please if you will... FALL IN!"

Fukata holds his angel in his hand, and looking around all the crowds, he closes his eyes and holds her to his chest, begining his fallin phrase, clearly and calmly. "Even in the impossible, let us not accept defeat. Ikke! Yuki!" and with that he looses his angel towards the layer scenery. She turns in the air, and as she reaches the barrier, her eyes and his open in unison, a clear focus visible in both. She drops to the floor, holding her arms close to her side to fall faster, and she lands on her hands, flipping forwards, and spreading her momemtum out onto the ground with a wide sweeping gesture, her foot spiralling out and throwing rose petals up into the air around her. With a quick snatching motion, she catches a few in her hands, and holds them in front of her face like a fan, her eyes showing a smile over the top of the petals..

Kukai lifts his custom painted visor up onto his head, it's painted to look like a snake's head. After it's in place, the Deus then raises his large angel up infront of him, then turns his gaze to Fukata across the layer and states,"Are you ready kid? I sure hope so. I don't want this to be an easy win for him." /Him/ being his angel if that isn't obvious enough, Kukai extends his arms, holding his angel out over the layer, it's bigger than most angels but it's tail looks to be some few feet long at least, the tail makes up over half of it's body and makes it's size that much more daunting. "It is time demon from another world, another time..." Kukai releases his grasp on the angel, letting it fall onto the layer, it's tail cushioning it's fall to the layer, it doesn't awaken until it hits the bottom of the layer then the monstrous angel starts to twitch and move, quickly turning it's attention toward it's opponent as it hisses and squeels, reaching out and snapping it's claws at them menacingly with that pincer, it's tail begins to slither and twist about around it. Kukai finishes speaking as his angel falls onto the layer,"It is time, Reskai... Show no mercy! Fall in!".

On the layer, Yuki's smile broadens as the deus makes his fall-in phrase, she always enjoyed the fights with those deus' that felt the need to be *bad* on the layer. It is all the more satifying, therefore, when they lose. She flicks the three rose petals one by one into the air, letting them drift to the ground slowly, her smile slightly broadening as the first, then the second land among their fellows on the layer's floor. Fukata watches, glancing up at the other deus for a moment to see if the posing is having the psychological effect it was intended to have, and then the third petal touches the layer's floor, seemingly simultaneous with an unexpected explosion of rose petals around the layer, the only warning Kukai and his angel would get that Yuki's fist was flying towards Reskai's head.

Oh yes, this one is certainly quick thinks Kukai to himself, he nearly cracks a smile at that, when he talks it's hard to hear because he isn't talking very loudly and it might just seem like his lips are moving but no words are coming out as he says,"A fast one I see."

On the layer, the monstrous snake turns tail and starts to run away ... wait, it's running away? Although with it's opponent's quickness it's easily caught up to in a heart-beat, but the snake shows that elusive speed as he ducks just under the attack and then out of the field of roses springs that massive tail!

The announcer calls out,"WHOA! An explosive start for Yuki! Will the monstrous Reskai be able to keep up?!... What's this.. he's running away!?! Oh, too slow... Wait a moment... that's one trick snake, it looks like it led Yuki into a trap! Don't blink folks or you'll miss the excitement!"

That huge tail moves with lightning speed and accuracy, although Yuki is capable of avoiding the attack but perhaps it's caught them off guard enough to actually work. That huge tail is aimed for the smaller angel, the monstrous snake intent on capturing it's foe and putting the /big squeeze/ on them.

On the layer, Yuki walks right into that one, not expecting the other angel to be prepared with a counterattack when she was barely visible, and she struggles against the tail's grip, wriggling her way out, but not before it had caused a lot of crushing damage to her. She hops backwards, slowed for a second. But then purpose renewed and invigorated, she crouches low to the ground, and with suprising force, she launches herself from the layer floor, flying a huge distance into the air, Yuki turns, facing downwards, and aims herself, two arms straight downwards, in her previously seen "Yuki Missile" attack. The sound of the angel falling makes an ominous whistle as she closes on her target, gaining speed, but spiralling downwards towards Reskai with the inevitability of rainfall. Then the petals on the ground explode as she impacts. When the petals settle, will there be two angels in a crater, or just the one?

Reskai has to exert a lot of energy in order to avoid the potentially devastating attack. The monstrous angel is a bit winded but it doesn't let up on it's attack as it spins right around and whips out that tail again, aiming to give the smaller angel a quick swipe..

"Yikes! Remind me never to get on Yuki's bad side! That was unbelievably fast! Looks like Reskai is struggling a bit to keep pace with Yuki!"

Kukai narrows his eyes on the layer and then looks up to Fukata, he doesn't need to watch the layer for his angel to act, because well, frankly it acts of it's own accord, or so that's what he and everybody else is led to believe. "Not bad, kid! But your going to have to do better than that if you want to beat Reskai!"

On the layer, Yuki was starting to get up slowly when Reskai made another attack while she was expecting him to be recoiling from her attack, this guy doesn't know when to stand still and take his fist in the head. She twists as the tail comes around, and bends over completely backwards so that she is resting on her arms and legs in an arch position, an uncomfortable one from the looks of it, and she flicks herself back to a standing stance.

Her deus glances up at Kukai, and replies, "And you know, as well as I - that any one of the hits so far have been very close to ending the fight in a single blow." he looks back down at the layer and adds, "And I suspect that is how this match will end, too." While Yuki turns to face the demonic snake-angel, she glares at him, perhaps because he has been making her normally effortless dodges look less graceful and controlled, and perhaps because he himself has been frustratingly nimble - but in any case - there's a look of discontent there. She clenches her fists and steps into a full charge at Reskai, spinning at the last second to throw her momentum into a spinning kick to the waist that might prove tricky to avoid.

Kukai scoffs and shakes his head,"Yes, that's how this match will end.. FOR YOU!" Kukai scoots to the edge of his seat a bit as the action continues.

On the layer, Reskai easily avoids the attack by swatting Yuki away and slithering to the side, seeing as how Yuki's shifted down a gear unlike the start of the match. The snake hisses and doesn't counter attack yet, though it's uncertain why he isn't attacking right away but it gives Yuki a moment to catch her breath as well. It could likely be because the snake is losing it's momentum rather quickly but don't be surprised if it still has a few tricks up it's sleeve, sort to speak.

"This is one intense match! It looks like if either of them should connect with a heavy hit this one will be all over!"

On the layer, Yuki paces amongst the petals, making no move to advance herself, but rather than seeming to lose momentum, Yuki makes no attempt to mask her observance of Reskai, looking for holes in his technique, a weakness to exploit, or a blind spot to attack. She circles the layer slowly, never straying too far or too close to the layer's edge, and attempting to be ready for him to strike at any moment.

"Looks like this one is beginning to slow down. These two are definitely evenly matched! This'll definitely be a close one!", the announcer shouts over the loud speakers.

Reskai's relentless offense has come to a somewhat stand still for the time being, the monstrous angel doesn't move anywhere, instead it just waits there in one place, it doesn't even bother to turn to face Yuki as she circles around him, but if they notice, the two snakes on the top of it's head twist and move, clearly following the other angel's movements, so this raises the question, does the monstrous angel have a blind spot or do those snakes on it's head keep it aware of it's surroundings, even things behind it? Reskai hisses lowly, the roses are ruffled a bit, it's tail is hidden underneath the field of roses, making it hard to tell what it is doing but the movement of the roses make it a little easier to follow it's movements.

On the layer, Yuki continues the standoff as the announcer calls out "This is getting a little silly folks, anyone want to head out for a quick bowl of ramen?" and a slight chuckle is ripples through the crowd, but none dare to laugh too loud, in case they miss the action. So the two angels face each other, neither making an offensive move or step for a little while longer.

"Oh so boring! Come on! Fight! People are falling to sleep out here! Go go go!" The announcer calls out.

It just so happens that at the moment the monstrous angel was fed up with all this standing around so it begins to move and slither in Yuki's direction. It lifts that pincer up and snaps it together forming a spear-like shape with it's hand as it then leaps out at Yuki with blinding speed to unleash a combo of fist and pincer as it swings at Yuki with a hammer-like strike and then immediately following up with that pincer as it aims to impale her with it to make Yuki-kabobs if it can.

On the layer, Yuki weaves through the two attacks with seeming ease, slipping just past the hammer-blow, and hopping over the angel to evade the stab, a slight smirk playing across her face as it seems she expected an attack, and she takes advantage of her now advantageous proximity. With a swift motion wrought from economy of motion, she steps around the other angel and moves to step within his defenses, a envious place from which to open her attack, with her smaller limbs, if Reskai doesn't move fast enough to avoid it. She twists around to bring an arm spiraling upwards towards his chin, and from this range, it had maximum power behind it.

Reskai can follow Yuki's movements easily but it has a little more trouble keeping up with them as it twists around it turns into a haymaker of a hit, rocking the monstrous angel backwards, but it doesn't stay down, oh no, not even for a second.. as soon as it hits the ground it rolls over and leaps up from the field of roses, leaping out at Yuki that maw springs open instantly, wide enough for it to engulf the smaller angel as it aims to devour it.

On the layer, Yuki eeps as the jaw opens wide like a doorway to the abyss, and she quickly throws herself to the ground, and underneath the leaping snake-angel. Almost on reflex she counterattacks, unleashing a deluge of punches and kicks towards the underbelly of the snake, she had after all been looking for a weak point, and this was it. This angel may be able to see all around him, but he cannot see a blow coming from beneath.

Like mentioned before, the snake still has a few tricks left. And although Yuki's attack surely would have been the finishing blow .. that is, if it had hit. Suddenly, the snake's tail smashes down against the roses, spraying what would seem like blood everywhere as it pushes itself up and out of Yuki's reach. It launches straight up into the air and flips around to come diving right back down at Yuki in another attempt to eat the smaller angel, or at least take a bite out of it.

On the layer, Yuki dives to the side, and rolls back to a standing position, keeping her distance for a moment, and waiting for the other angel to come to her. Indeed she beckons him over, the self-confidence exuded seemingly unfit for the situation.

Reskai doesn't stop to rest now, the match is almost over and it's going to press on and continue it's attack. The time for waiting is over, it chases after Yuki as she tries to get away, ignoring the beckoning, it was already intent on pursuing them, lifting that fist and attempting another hammering blow as it swings it's fist around over it's head and down at Yuki to try and nail her into the layer.

On the layer, Yuki makes no attempt to evade the blow, taking it full on to the face, and she crashes to the layer. But this too, is part of her plan, as the movement of her legs is relatively subtle at this juncture, she takes this opportunity to position her feet just right to snap out at the knees of the other angel as she goes down. There goes the kneecaps?

Reskai might have been a little too aggressive, but really it had no other choice. Unfortunately it had cost him as Yuki drop kicks him in the midsection and he buckles over, both angels falling to the ground but only one getting back up....

The announcer then shouts,"ABSOLUTELY AWESOME FIGHT!!!! FUKATA & YUKI ARE THE WINNERS! Give it up for both of our competitors for giving us an excellent match here tonight! Win or lose, they both did great! Give them a round of applause folks!" The announcer spins around and thrusts the microphone out above his head as he poses and points to the crowd. The fans of course cheer very loudly at that, applauding both Dueses.

The layer and chairs then lower, the scenery fades and dissappears exposing the flat, colorless layer. Kukai pushes out of his chair and to his feet, reaching in and retrieving his angel, although he taunted alot during the match, he's absolutely quiet now, a sad look on his face as he takes his visor and angel, holding them close to him as he heads off toward the tunnel to exit the arena.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Fukata sees Yuki stir from her place on the layer, the match having been to-the-bone. He calls to his angel across the layer, and she leaps clear of the life-giving field and imobilely into his hands, at which point the chairs descend. He takes a moment to show his excitement at victory to the crowd with a grin, before he hurries off to catch the other deus.

Hurrying into the waiting room, Fukata calls out "Morimoto-san?".

Kukai walks down the tunnel, it seems like a mile long now that he had lost. He hangs his head down disappointedly but before he reaches the other end of the tunnel he comes to a halt somewhere in the middle and reaches out placing a hand to the wall as let's out a few tears but he quickly composes himself as the other Deus comes rushing in behind him calling for him. He quickly wipes his face on his sleeves and lifts his head, turning his attention to Fukata and says angrily,"What?"

Slowing now he'd caught up with Kukai, Fukata says, wondering from his reaction if Kukai might be a little angry at him, "I just wanted to say thanks, it was a fun match." he grins at Kukai, sure the other deus would agree. "I hope we meet again sometime, ne, Morimoto-san?"

He stands there in silence for what could seem like a long moment, just staring at Fukata with an intense gaze. He finally breaks his silence and says in a rather rude manner,"Whatever. You got lucky. Enjoy it while you can." The mechanic then turns and starts walking away, heading down the hallway and for the exit.

Not really sure what to say in response, Fukata just lets him go, following him out the exit after a moment of thought, and heading his own way to find out the when the end results of the tournament would be publicized.